October 20th 2009


Yep, believe it or not, it's been thirty years since the band's first show at the Millview Social Club in Sunderland way back in 1979! Has it really been that long? Is Olga really as young as he says he is?!!!

Whether he is or he isn't doesn't matter, this band has weathered many a storm, seen band members come and go, played all over the world, sold many an album, sold many a t-shirt too, and they are still here. How many bands out there have lasted 30 years and are still as good, still as current, and still as entertaining as Olga and the boys? Not many, not many at all, that's the answer you're looking for.

My first taste of the Toy Dolls, as was the case i suspect for a great many people of my generation, was their performance of Nellie The Elephant on Top Of The Pops back in 1984. I was transfixed for the duration of that song and, as i was learning to play guitar myself at the time, was in complete awe of Olga's playing and guitar sound. I'd never heard anything quite like it! I have never forgotten how good that, and their subsequent releases, made me feel.

Fast forward 20 years and imagine my surprise at getting a call from Olga asking me if i'd like to put together a website for the band. Not only would i get to work alongside an iconic band, but i'd get to film the man himself teaching all his best guitar riffs! It didn't take me long to say an overwhelming "Yes", i was indeed honoured.

Olga is a true gentleman, a perfectionist in every way and it truly is a pleasure to be both a colleague and a friend of the man.

I'd like to wish Olga and the band a very, very Happy Birthday.

And so would a few other people too. Click here to read more.


October 12th 2009

Good Autumn Day to you lot!

Lets get straight down to business! All your answered “Ask Olga” questions are here. Keep ya questions coming in, it keeps Olga kinda sane (ish!), other than writing the album 24-7!

And, your latest guitar lesson is here, enjoy!

Hey, Tommy Goobers other band VANILLA POD have just released an album 'Poets on Payday' on Boss Tuneage Records. You can listen to the track “Walk of Shame” using the media player to your right. It features Olga on lead guitar on the first section and the guitar solo, although i'm sure I don't really need to point out when Olgas instantly recognizable guitar playing appears! Anyway, have a listen, its quite tasty! The tracks is also on VP's MySpace page too if you're having problems with the player, and you can check out all their gig details too. Just click here to check it out.

Tommy has also pointed out that he is on the case with some more bass lessons! Watch this space!

Duncan has recovered from jet lag after his stint in Japan with his band Duncans Divas, and recording with his other band Billy No Mates. Duncan is even doing a string of acoustic shows, and various Snuff shows following his success at Leeds and Reading!

Yeah, Yeah, I hear you say! What about Toy Dolls news!?.....

20th October 2009 marks the 30th anniversary of The Toy Dolls, oh sorry, I will shut up and let you read the Olga Talkin’ section! I just wanted to point it out!

Well, we have some rough outline news on next year, best to hear from the man himself! Click here to find out more.

I will sneakily put up this ancient pic of Olga and his band “Straw Dogs” in 1977! Just to make him feel even older than the 21 he already is!

From left to right: Pete Zulu, Olga, Flip, Mac.

Tickets are are selling fast for the French tour so you'd better get your skates on if you don’t wanna miss out. We know a number of you are going from the UK for various shows too, thank you! Gonna be great to see you all again!
There will be new merchandise available exclusively for France/Switzerland, more news/pics on this on the next updates. The official Webshop merchandise will be updated soon too.

Anyway, check out the Olga Talkin section, he will tell ya whats going on! 2010, wow, looks exciting…..

Until next time