May 14th 2009

Well happy springtime to you lot! The festival season has started, and the lads kicked off with a great show in Holland at Paaspop a few weeks back, thank you to everyone for attending!

Here's a few pics from the festival, and one o’ the lads doing an MTV interview after the show.

Following this show the lads jetted straight back out to Spain for the magnificent Extremusika festival, will have some photos for ya soon.

This weekend, 16th May sees the boys back in Spain at the Azkena festival, on stage at 2am directly after Alice Cooper!

So what else is happening? Well, in between the festivals Olga is progressing nicely with the album! He tells me there'll be a report on the Olga Talkin section very soon!

The Amazing Mr Duncan is off to Japan yet again in June, with his band Duncans Divas!

Oh, before I forget, Olgas latest guitar lesson is here, and all your questions answered at Ask Olga here.

The lads are being included on quite a few festivals and more coming in all the time! Slovenia is included for the very first time, and I am sure the lads are lookin forward to that one!

Ok, keep checking those tour dates, more and more festivals are being added! A BIG thank you from Olga, Tommy And Duncan for all yer support, see you at the festivals!

More news soon.