June 30th 2009

On behalf of Olga, Tommy, Duncan and myself, i would like to say how saddened we all were about the sudden passing of Michael Jackson last week. He was a wonderful showman and consumate professional, we will never see his like again. Our condolences and best wishes go out to his family and loved ones at this difficult time.

Greetings from Summertime in the UK! Festival time is in full swing at the moment for our trusty trio!

The lads have Croatia coming up next week, followed by a string of Summer shows for ya, and I am still too busy to get to any of em’ boooo!!!

Seems like you lot have been having a wild time at the shows though! Heres a few pics from the recent festivals:

Confetti time in Germany!

Fat Mike and the lads.

Gimme Gimme The Toy Dolls

Our Tommy with Huey from Fun Lovin' Criminals


Spain again!

Spain (a small club show!)

Our Duncan at 4am!

Heres a couple of flyers for forthcoming festivals

More news, and more gis coming your way soon!

Here's yer monthly dose of Ask Olga questions answered, please keep 'em coming.

And not forgetting another installment in the ever popular Play Guitar WIth Olga series.

Hey, if you are a Napalm Death fan, keep yer eyes peeled for their new vid, it was produced and directed by the man of many talents, our very own Mr Tommy Goober.

Oh, and finally, Olga's got round to updating this!!!

Heres a nice pic to end on, our little Olga, back in 1997, at the E.T Jam festival Czech Republic, with promoter Milena.