February 19 2009

Happy Springtime to you all! Thank you for all your Christmas and New Year wishes!

Ok, straight down to business! Click here for all your ASK OLGA questions answered!

And, click here for a rather belated OLGA TALKIN' section!

We love this Toy Dolls face logo Telecaster control panel from “SEPPO”, great work! Olga says he wants one!

There's another great festival just been added, check here for details.

There's gonna be a couple of new funky shirts exclusively for 2009 shows, these will not be available online, only at the live shows, and there will only be a limited amount, so grab yourselves one at the festivals!

I have been informed that there will be some sexy new 2009 stage wear for you too! Ha! Sexy? Olga. Tommy & Duncan!? Whatever, I am sure they will look the business!

Here's the next Olga guitar lesson for you budding Toy Doll students!

Tommy Goober has told us he is currently working on some bass lessons too! Hope to have them up for soon too!

Olga tells me the album is coming along nicely (check out more on OLGA TALKIN) and more 2009 festivals are being arranged as we speak!

More news next time!