December 22nd 2008

The confirmed show that couldn't be mentioned the last time we spoke is now official! Click here.

December 2008

Seasonal Greetings to you lot from Toy Doll world!

Ok, first things first... a Christmas video message from the main Toy Doll himself. Download it here.

Tthe first 2009 show is now confirmed, check out the tour dates here. There's also another show confirmed the following weekend which we can't announce just yet, due to contractual obligations, but we can tell you its in Spain, and should be on the new dates list very soon!

As Olga mentions in his messsage, the 2009 shows are not to coincide with a new album release, those shows will take place when the album is written, recorded and released, but the 2009 shows will feature some great Toy Doll golden oldies that you lot have been e-mailing in and requesting. Sounds good eh?!

Check out all your latest answered questions on Ask Olga.

Some older stuff for ya here:

Check out this amazing clip, a Swiss TV show from the mid 80s, featuring Olga, Dean and Teddy!

Oh, and speaking of old stuff! Heres Olga, Flip and Mr Scott In 1979 would ya believe!!

Enough of the old days I hear ya say! What about now!?

Well, heres a few of the titles of the songs for the next album. As it's still early days, these titles are naturally subject to change:

Deccas Drinkin’ Dilemma
Sunderland Celebrity
Kevins Cotton Wool Kids
Only Tyrone
Credit Crunch Christmas
Marty's Mam
Gordon Brown Get's Ya down

I haven’t heard any of them yet, but I am gonna try to persuade Olga to put up a couple of his 'in bedroom demo’s' and 'work's-in-progress' here on the website for ya soon! Fingers crossed! Well, its coz I am dying to hear them myself really!

And finally ***HUGE FANFARE***, the return of Olga's Guitar Lessons. You ready? Good, then here we go...

Have a great festive time you lot!
Will be back soon.