News About 14th July Forth Gripe show in Spilt Croatia.

Unfortunately the band wont be playing this show.

The lads would love to come, and always have a fantastic time in Croatia, but due to some huge problems caused by the promoters, the gig will not happen.

I must point out that this has nothing whatsoever to do with the band themselves, Olga, Tommy and Duncan and the crew are all really disappointed that the show isn’t gonna happen, they were really looking forward to performing in Split, and meeting you lot.

Our apologies to anyone who was planning to attend.

We are now trying to rearrange a Split show for a later date, we will keep ya informed!

We will get there eventually!

Cheers to all of you for your understanding.
June 2007

Good day y’all...

So, here we are in festival period!
One of the most recent shows the lads played was in Budapest, at the Zoldpardon festival a couple o’ weeks back, and what a rockin' night our trusty trio had, playing to a packed house/field, and rockin through some great old Toy Doll classics including Spiders In The Dressing Room, You Won't Be Merry On A North Sea Ferry, We Quit The Cavalry, and the mega I Caught It From Camilla! Oh, and the zany TD version of Blue Suede Shoes was thrown in for good measure too! Cheers from the band to a great crowd as always in Hungary! THANK YOU.
And to the left is a pic of Olga, Tommy, & Mr Duncan in almost normal clothes, before the show in Albi 2 nights ago.

To everyone in France who attended the show THANK YOU!

Following this there is the great ROCK FOR PEOPLE festival on 6th July in Czech Republic:
There's more of our regular round of questions and answers from Olga here.

Due to the overwhelming success of the lads at the Punkspring festivals in Japan, 2 months back, the band will be returning to play shows in their own right!

So if you are lucky enough to have the money to afford a flight, or ya live in land of the rising sun, you can catch The Toy Dolls on their Japanese tour. Click here for details.

Yes, I know what ya thinking! Are the lads gonna be back in time for the long awaited UK tour!? Fear ye not, the band will be flying from Japan on 9th September, and with the time difference, they will actually arrive back in London on 9th too! And can ya believe, the workaholic Mr Duncan will be playing two shows with his band “Billy No Mates” as special guests to Less Than Jake, at London's Mean Fiddler, on September 11th and 12th, before starting The Toy Dolls tour in Leeds on 13th!!
Apologies for the recent drought on Olga's guitar lessons! They make a triumphant return this month here.

The winner of the latest TOY DOLLS competition has been picked out of the hat by Olga, and the lucky person is Rodrigo Martins who answered both questions correctly:

In which year did the Toy Dolls first visit Japan? 1986
Which Japanese band did Olga produce 2 albums for? Lolita #18

Congratulations Rodrigo!

Look out for more competitions soon...

And finally, here's a quick message from Olga.
Enjoy the festivals!
Until next time!