October 2006
Helllooo You Lot!
Hope all is well with everyone.
You have proably noticed that the lads have their South American tour confirmed now!? Looks like its gonna be a good un!
Olga's been doin a load of interviews for magazines in Brazil and Argentina, keep your eyes peeled for them and send scans if you can so we can feature them here on the site.
Japanese dates will happen in the spring of 2007, full details will be announced soon.
We will have a lot more concrete news about more shows in the next updates! Please bear with us!
The much anticipated Treasured Toy Dolls Tracks (Live) album finally has a release date! It'll be available the first week in December, well keep you posted on the exact date but in the meantime check this out!
Here's the latest guitar lessons from Olga himself.
Olga has finally started his own MySpace site, check it out here.

The Amazing Mr Duncan will be touring with his band Billy No Mates. Check out the dates here.

Click here for all yer latest ASK OLGA answers.
Many thanks to Kev Miller for sending this, and this over to us here at the website.

Please do keep sending your TOY DOLLS photos into us here at the site. There's a huge backlog of pics to get through at the moment so please bear with us (again!) whilst we get everything sorted... They WILL be with you soon!

Until next time!