31st May 2006
New confirmed live date.
18th May 2006
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For anyone who hasn't yet got their copy of the band's official biography, The Toy Dolls: From Fulwell to Fukuoka by Ronan Fitzsimons, the publisher currently has the book on special offer at 4.95 UK pounds, inclusive of shipping to anywhere in the world.
The book includes a full history of the band, plus the stories behind the songs, detailed interviews with Olga and an 8-page photo section. It is available via the following link: www.ardrapress.co.uk.
May 2006
Here we are again, May 2006 and our favourite punk trio troupers are off on the road again! Yes this month sees the lads off on tour for the first time this year, starting in Lillehammer on 23rd May. Check the tour dates!

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You may remember Olga joining up with Peter & The Test Tube Babies a couple of months back, well here's the video of the fabulous song which features Olga, Campino from Die Toten Hosen, and Peter & The Test Tube Babies themselves. Look closely and spot the guy wearing a Toy Dolls t shirt at the Test Tubes gig!

In my opinion this should be the official World Cup song, how unfair this world is eh?!

Thursday the 4th saw me taking a trip down to meet up with the lads at their rehearsal rooms in sunny West London. I arrived around noon but the guys had been practising hard since early that morning!

Take a look here to see how they're shaping up!

They've got a few words here for you lot too!

(You'll need Real Player to watch the videos).

The guys had been rehearsing hard all week and were, by this time, well in need of a trip down the pub, so I made the ensuing photo session as quick and as painless as possible!

We headed off to the disused car park around the back of the practice rooms and took a whole bunch of pics, here's a few for ya...

It was great to see Olga and Tommy again, and a pleasure to meet Duncan for the first time. He is a great guy and a superb drummer, not to mention a Table Tennis fanatic! You'll be able to see from the rehearsal video that he's right at home playing with Olga and Tommy, i wouldn't have guessed that he'd only been playing in the band for one week!

After two, three (or maybe it was five?!!!) pints down the pub we said our goodbyes, Duncan went back to the rehearsal room to practice some more, Tom boarded the train to deepest Norfolk, and me & Olga headed back to Olga's place in NW London. We dumped Olga's amp and guitar at Olga's flat and headed off for something to eat. We had an early start the next morning so we decided to call it a day after only one more beer!

So, finally... the whole of the next morning was spent recording a new batch of guitar lessons. See the first installment here...

By noon we were wrecked! But no beer today, instead we sat outside a local Italian cafe on Olga's street, drinking a much needed heavenly tasting coffee and chatting about this and that.

So the time had come for me to go, i can tell you that i have never known Olga so excited about getting back on the road again... You can tell just by talking to him that he cares passionately about the band, the fans, and that he always wants to ensure you lot get to see the best performance you possibly can.
I wish i could be there to catch this most dedicated bunch rockin over Norway!
If you're gonna be there, enjoy them!
Don't forget about the competition to win Olga's OUR LAST TOUR? stage shirt (as featured on OUR LAST DVD? and all the tour dates to date!)

To bag this prize just answer the following 3 questions...

1. What size collar (in inches) is Olga's stage shirt?
2. What was the name of Olga's dog, featured on a few Toy Dolls albums?
3. How many songs have the Toy Dolls recorded about TV soap Coronation Steeet characters? 1, 2, 3 4, 5, 6 or 7?

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More gigs & more news soon!
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