July 2006

Hey to you lot on this sunny July day!
Rather quiet on the western front here! The Amazing Mr Duncan is away in Tokyo, recording another Billy No Mates album, Tommy Goober is in rehearsals in Norwich with Vanilla Pod for another forthcoming European tour, and Olga is busy writing more Toy Doll songs!

We really hoped to have news of the TREASURED TOY DOLLS TRACKS album, but we have to wait a little longer for the release date, sit tight! More gigs/festivals news will be coming your way soon too.
More of your questions are answered here.
Here's the latest of the popular guitar lessons with your very own Mr. Olga!
A blast from the past!
Here's an interesting video clip. Filmed in the early 80's, and featuring the line up of Olga, Flip and Happy Bob, this BBC broadcast caused quite a stir when it was first aired as the 'moral majority' thought the band were poking fun at Asthma sufferers. Olga was, of course, quick to point out in the press that he himself was an asthma sufferer.
Special thanks go out to Kevin Miller for supplying this footage.

Olga's tour shirt has been won by Mark Davis from Chicago! Congratulations, it's on it's way to you as we speak.
The correct answers were:
1. What size collar (in inches) is Olga's stage shirt? 14
2. What was the name of Olga's dog, featured on a few Toy Dolls albums? ASHBROOKE
3. How many songs have the Toy Dolls recorded about TV soap Coronation Steeet characters? 1, 2, 3 4, 5, 6 or 7? 6
Thanks to all of you who entered...

A message from Olga:
On a sad note, our friend Zimbl passed away recently. Zimbl was the unique and talented front man of German band 'Tha Bates', he also toured with The Toy Dolls on quite a few of the Geman shows on Our Last Tour?
A great singer and songwriter, a lovely guy, and an excellent, underrated bass player.
He will be missed. xx

On a happier note...
We would like to take this opportunity of saying congratulations to Sham 69 for reaching the top 10 of the UK charts with Hurry Up England, fantastic stuff!
So, enjoy what's left of the the Tennis and the Football! In the meantime, songs are being written, and shows are being planned!
News soon!

Until next time!
July 10th 2006
Another festival added to the gig line up...
The full updates have been delayed slightly due to a couple of technical hitches, but they will be with you very soon.
Watch this space!
July 7th 2006
Another live date confirmed here...