August 2006

Hey! Hope you lot are enjoying this long hot summer!

So, festival time is here, Olga, Tommy Goober and The Amazing Mr Duncan are loving every minute of it, thanks to you crazy lot!
Thanks so much to you all for making the guys feel so welcome at the recent summer shows!
Take a look at this great selection of pics taken in Romania on 30th July.
Cool to see our Mr. Duncan now lookin every bit a true Toy Doll, don't ya think!
Oh, and thank you for the compliments too, check out ASK OLGA!
Many, many thanks to you for continuing to send in your photos. There'll be a bumper update of them all real soon.
The voting for the PUNK POLLS has now finished and the results will be announced soon! Thank you to all of you for your great support. They are now validating all the votes, we will let you all know when they are up to view.
Hey, and cheers to you lot for voting for our favourite trio in the Punk Oi awards too!
The lads picked up awards for: best overall band, best UK band, best live band and 2nd best website!
I have to say that it was the Punk and Oi site itself that won in the best website category. In my humble (yet oh so important!) opinion, that doesn't count... hence, we won that as well
Seriously, thanks to everyone for voting, both band and myself are flattered.
Check out who else won here.
Olga hasn't been so active on the Olga Talkin section so much recently, as he is hard at work putting together next years set, and writing more album songs. But rest assured he aint forgot about ya!
He has also been filming for the forthcoming BBC Television drama, THE AMAZING MRS PRITCHARD, along side Little Voice and Absolutely Fabulous star, Jane Horrocks, due to be televised later this year. Its a tiny part, so don't blink or you'll miss him!
So here's Tommy Goober's much requested very first bass guitar lesson! Brought to you from deepest Norwich, Spiders in The Dressing Room (which is likely to be included in next years new set list), is a true delight to watch!
Even if you are not so interested in learning bass, you must check this video out! You'll love it!

If ya have any ideas for instrumental covers for the next album, please let Olga know at ASK OLGA.

Much awaited news about South American shows will be coming your way shortly. watch this space!

Meantime, a special message from Olga regarding Mensi from The Angelic Upstarts.

"Last week we heard that Mensi, front man of the fantastic Angelic upstarts, has decided to quit the band after 30 years. If it wasn't for the help and advise given to me by this guy, my band wouldn't be here now. Mensi is a man of real pride ,a man of tremendous talent, and a man of strong principles. I for one will really miss his performances, I wish him the best of luck for the future, and I wanna say a personal thank you from me. Mensi will always remain one of the most relevant figures in Punk".

Until next time!