17th May 2005
The latest festival dates in Europe can be found here!
12th May 2005
It's that time again?!!

Right then, the biggest news of the moment is that Olga was given the first viewing of the new DVD in Camden earlier this week on the 10th May. He's told me that he's happy with the results but would liked to have seen a few more shots of you lot in the crowd. It sounds like there's a great shot of Olga coming out of the box at the beginning of the show too! I don't know about you, but i can't wait to see it.
The DVD is scheduled for a May 30th release on Secret.

Apologies to all of you who tried to view the website and message board recently only to find that there was nothing there!
This was down to a server problem which took far longer to resolve that i had hoped for.
Thanks once again to everyone for their patience, understanding and support while this was being fixed.
Right then, i think it's catch up time! And for that very reason you'll find three (yes, that's 3!!!!) new guitar lessons here.
The band's tour dates remain a huge hit with practically all of them selling out, thank you once again for all your continued support.
We're expecting new confirmed dates and festival appearances any day now so keep it here for all the latest.
In the meantime catch up with Olga's tour diary here.
I'm still working on getting all your tour photos together for a huge update to the gallery, this will be happening very, very soon!
I can't do this without your pix so please keep sending them in to the usual e-mail address!
Just incase any of you lot were thinking there was animosity between Tommy and Reb, here's a pic taken of the the two of them sharing a drinkypoos in Germany on the first leg!
That's about all fer now!