6th June 2005

Well, its here, the time you have been waiting for! The new DVD!!! OUR LAST DVD? is out now on Secret Records.
The DVD includes the live concert filmed at the Tivoli, Utrecht in November of last year, no overdubs whatsoever, it even includes the freaky guitar jazz notes from Olga in Toccata!!!
Theres plenty of sweat pouring from the lads, oh, and Olga drooling from the mouth! DEFINITELY A LIVE SHOW!
The DVD also includes loads of on the road / in the van / rehearsal bonus footage, and an interview with Olga.
Oh, and a HUGE photo collection.
Please let us know what ya think.

Hey you lot...dont forget to keep voting for Olga and the boys in the Punk polls here. You can vote once in each catergory every day.
THE TOY DOLLS are standing at 6th best punk band at the moment. and Olga as 3rd best punk guitarist.
So, get voting and keep on voting!
Finally, i'm getting round to putting up some of the new tour pics!! Please keep 'em coming in!
There's another two guitar lesson here for your delectation...
Pssst... am i up to date with these now?
There's some new links here which you might find interesting.
What's next then?
Rehearsals are on the horizon, then the first of many summer festivals starting on 28th June in Spain.
More shows are being added all the time, so keep checking the tour dates!
Hopefully we will have some news on tours in other countries soon.
In the meantime... enjoy the DVD!
That's yer lot this time round!