6th December 2005

Hey you lot again!

Guess you'll have already checked out Olga's Brazil Diary on the Olga Talkin' section? Sounds like he had a wicked time! Seems the Lambrusco Kids, apart from being a great live band, were a really nice bunch o lads. Olga tells me you lot were tremendous too, thank you for making him feel so welcome!
The more eagle eyed among you may also have spotted Olga in attendance at some of the recent UK Dickies gigs.
I had the great pleasure of meeting up with Olga and hanging out with the Dickies at the Sheffield show - a great time was had by all!!!
Ask Olga has been updated with all the latest questions and answers, please keep sending 'em in.

Once again, cheers for yer votes in the Punk Polls, you ca keep voting here.

Things are a bit quiet on the news front in THE TOY DOLLS camp this month, but there's a good reason for that! We have quite a bit to tell you lot soon! Have a great Christmas, and keep yer eyes peeled for lots o' new news coming your way very soon!
In the meantime though (and seeing as it's Christmas!) there's a bumper selection for ya in the Play With Olga series.
There's a whole bunch of new pics this month too! Head on over to the Live Pics section...
...and then check out the Tattoo Gallery...
...and then there's a few new desktop wallpapers for you!

Meantime, Olga asked me to show ya this pic of the man himself with Knoxy from The Vibrators (one of Olga's favourite bands), taken down the pub! It was Knox's 60th birthday recently! From all of us, we wish Knox ALL THE BEST!

That's all for now, hope you lot have a great Christmas and as I said before... watch this space!
Until next time!