30th October 2004
Tonight's Hungary Budapest A38 show will be streamed live on the web! Go to www.origo.hu for more!
29th October 2004
There's some more tour pics here for ya! Check them again if you've already seen 'em, as some have been updated. Please do keep sending them in!
26th October 2004
John Peel RIP
The radio legend that championed so many bands, including THE TOY DOLLS, has passed away. He was 65.
The man will be greatly missed by all who's lives he touched. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.
25th October 2004
Another entry in Olga's tour diary here :0)
Don't forget to e-mail your pictures in
Lastly please accept my apologies for not being round much just lately and answering e-mails or posts on the message board. My PC crashed last week but all is well now so i'll be catching up with you lot real soon!!
24th October 2004
There's a couple of new updates for ya!
Take a look at Olga's tour diary here.
Here's the first bunch of live pics here - big thanks to the guys 'n' gals who've sent theirs in so far, if you take a camera to a show please send them in!
'Til next time
15th October 2004
The tour starts today Belgium. Good luck lads! Not that you'll need it like!!!
12th October 2004
European release date bought forward to 1st November 2004
7th October 2004
UK album release date 15th November 2004 / European album release date 22nd November 2004 / Available NOW at Secret Records
October 2004
Hey you lot, it's that time again... good to see ya back! There's a lot to get through this month!!!
Our Last Album?
We are still waiting to hear from the record company about an official release date!
I believe that the CD's have been pressed and are currently sitting in Secret Records' warehouse, and I see that the album has popped up on Ebay already. Feel free to bid on this item if you wish but i would strongly recommend you wait until the release date has been confirmed.
As soon as we have ANY information you will hear about it here first!
The guys are still hard at work rehearsing for the upcoming tour, and they are really looking forward to playing for ya! Make sure you make 'em feel welcome!!
Support Bands
There will be different support bands throughout the tour, as soon as we have any names and details we will let you know. We do know that BAMBIX will be doing some Dutch dates.
Tour Diary
If all goes as planned we should be able to bring you a band's eye view of how the tour is progressing through the Our Last Tour? Diary. Keep checking back as this will be updated regularly, not just during the monthly updates!
Your Tour Photographs
This obviously goes without saying, but make sure you all take your cameras with ya to the shows! Get as many pics as you can and send them over here to me at the website, let's try and make a complete photographic record of the tour as it happens! Just make sure the security don't catch ya of course!!!
THE TOY DOLLS - From Fulwell To Fukuoka
Ronan Fitzsimons' excellent book about the band is hoping for a November release! The typesetting is done and I'm just finalising the cover design but it will be at the printers very, very shortly. Keep checking back here for more details.
Play With Olga
Another round of fret flippin' action!!! Click here for more.
Olga's Custom Guitar
Click here to take a look at how Olga's new guitar is taking shape.
A Message from Olga
I had the great pleasure of spending last weekend with Olga down in London. Click here for more.
Olga The Actor !
Confused? Well click here!!!
Keep voting!!!
Anniversary T-Shirts
These shirts will unfortunately no longer be available through the website. They will, however, be sold at the merchandise stand on the forthcoming tour. If you missed the opportunity to get one from me then make sure you buy a ticket to one of the shows!
Thanks as always for all your support and all your e-mails, I love getting all of them. However due to the overwhleming amount of correspondance that I'm getting at the moment, please don't be disappointed if you do not receive a reply immediately - i will get round to answering you as soon as i can. The only ones i'm not able to answer at the moment are the ones asking about tour dates! Any tour news or updates will be available ONLY at the website!!! Thanks for understanding.
'Til next time...
Th, th, th, th, that's all folks!