May 2004
Yep! It's that time again!!!
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First of all a personal thank you to you all for being so patient while the message board was being re-built! Believe me I was as frustrated as you lot were when it crashed!!!

Anyway, it's back in place and it's going as strong as ever!
Bless You My Sons & Daughters!!!
Right then, enough of that, down to business!

The band entered the studio on the 27th April to begin recording the latest album, and Olga tells me it will take about 6 weeks to record. The drums and bass only take a couple of days, so fear not, Tommy and DTN will be around to answer questions on the message board whilst Olga will be left behind in the studio to do all the guitar and lead vocal tracks!

The full tracklisting for the album (in no particular order as yet) is:
* Our Last Intro?
* Our Last Outro?
* The Death Of Barry The Roofer With Vertigo
* Cheatin’ Chick From China
* No One Knew The Real Emu
* Tony Talks Tripe
* Davey's Days
* I Gave My Heart To A Slag Called Sharon From Whitley Bay
* Jeans Been
* Rita’s Innocent
* I Caught It From Camilla
And now for the much awaited news!

The cover versions featuring on the album will be 'Shes So Modern' by The Boomtown Rats and 'The Final Countdown' by Europe!!!

The album's bonus tracks will be new recordings of 'Yul Brynner Was A Skinhead' and 'Davids XR2', and the never before released 'Chenky Is A Puff' from 1981!!!

Can't wait? Yeah, me neither!!!

We have been informed that the first gig of the much awaited tour will be on 16th October 2004.

Courtesy of our most venerable friend, the Pope of the message board, none other han Mister Telefiend himself, we bring you new desktop wallpaper!!!
The nest lesson in our Play With Olga guitar season is here! We're still taking requests so drop us a line and we'll see what we can do!
THE TOY DOLLS tattoo gallery has been updated and you'll now find a direct link to it from the top menu. Please get in touch if you have any TD tats you want to show to the world!
We've got another cover version for you!
A blast from the past this month! We wanna take you all the way back to 1985, anybody remember Geordie Aid???
Click the image to cast your votes for THE TOY DOLLS in the PunkOIUK e-wards.
Lastly this month we have this cool illustration to show you that's been done by TD fan Chester, and will be featuring on the front cover of the May edition of his fanzine 'My Way'.
Until next time yous guys!