March 2004
Good to see you lot again! Well, what have we got for you this month then eh?
What's Going On?
Thank you to everyone for coming up with instrumentals and covers, a decision still hasn't been reached about which ones to do!!!!
Another 3 more songs have been completed for the album:
Rita’s Innocent.
I Gave My Heart To A Slag Called Sharon From Whitley Bay.
No One Knew The Real Emu.
A statement from Olga: "After rehearsals in Germany (Reb's homeland) and in the UK, we have found it necessary to part company with this great guy. It has proved to be impossible financially to continue with someone living at such a distance, we have indeed tried everything to make this work, but its not gonna happen.
To perfect THE TOY DOLLS show takes numerous rehearsals and we simply don’t have the money!! Yeah, we knew this before we decided to take Reb on board, but we were fooling ourselves.
We really do wish Reb the best of luck in the future, he is a really lovely person and we hope he is successful in his future projects."

Before you all ask!!…… "Yes we have found a replacement! And it wasn’t easy! We have been so lucky to find someone who is, again, a really nice guy and one hell of a bass player… enter Tommy Goober.
Based in Norwich, England, Tommy has played with Goober Patrol and Vanilla Pod, two great bands we recommend you check out".

Band rehearsals should be resuming soon and we'll have photographs of Tommy, and the new line up on the site as soon as we possibly can.
The band members and story sections have been updated to reflect the current line up change.
Thanks to Nik for e-mailing us, we have now discovered the 'missing' TOY DOLLS drummer!
The next installment in the 'Play With Olga' series is, unfortunately, not available just yet due to a few technical problems that we're having. Fear not though it will be up here as soon as we can sort things out!
The live gallery has been updated again, please keep your pictures coming. The other galleries will be coming on line very shortly.
A question for you all: which songs or riffs do you think would make the best mobile phone ringtones? Let us know here.
There's another cover version here for you too, please keep them coming.
Until next time