January 2004
HAPPY NEW YEAR from the band and yours truly, hope you all had a great holiday, got what you wanted from Santa, didn't get too drunk and are now recovering nicely!
Big, big thanks to everyone for the e-mails! I've got a bit of a back log to get through but rest assured you will get a reply.
Web Updates
First up this month is the much requested 'Teenager In Love', you'll find it here in all it's glory complete with record scratches!
Olga's guitar lessons have proven to be quite a popular feature and you can find lesson two here.
I know that there's a few of you that have been having problems downloading the vids so here's a couple of suggestions for you:
1. Right click on the download link and save the file direct to your hard drive rather than trying to stream the file into your media player. The files are created as a downloadables, not streaming files.
2. Try using a download manager to handle the video download. The most popular seem to be GetRight and Go!Zilla although there are plenty of others out there. A DM is able to resume downloads should any errors occur.
I tried rendering low resolution video alternatives but, because of the nature of the clips, these didn't work out very well.
Let me know how you get on.
The live photo gallery has been updated. Another round of thanks to everyone who's sent in pictures - they will all be appearing on the site in the upcoming months.
The Latest News and Happenings
The lads had one rough rehearsal in Lancaster in December of last year, which was hard work after having been away from it for so long! It was enjoyable nevertheless!
Reb has been very busy studying at University and learning THE TOY DOLLS set night and day!
Dave the Nut has also been brainwashing himself with TOY DOLLS songs, and has started building a great new bright yellow TOY DOLLS drum kit.
Olga went on a drinking session with Dave Treganna (Sham 69 / Lords Of The New Church) and met up with guys from The Cherry Bombs, a nice relaxing evening............ in the pub!
Oh, and they had a pint with with Lee from North East Oi heroes "Crashed Out" too.
Songs so far for the new album (subject to title change) are:
* Our Last Intro?
* Our Last Outro?
* Davey's Days
* The Death Of Barry The Roofer With Vertigo
* Tycoon Tony
Plans for January:
More album writing of course! A pint with Knoxy from The Vibrators, meetings with Reb and Dave the Nut, and even more song writing!!
Until next time, TTFN