August 2004

Hello hello, it's good to be back!!!

OK, so I missed a month, but as all you regulars on the message board will already know this was necessary to allow me to switch servers and web hosts. These guys seem to know what they're doing so here's to everything running smoothly from now on!
Before we get down to business i'd like to thank all you guys out there, on behalf of me, Olga, Dave and Tommy, for standing by me and supporting me whilst all this has been going on... i know you've been missing your TOY DOLLS fix!!!
Anyway, what have we got for ya this month then???
The first big news is that there's now some confirmed live dates!!! There's loads more being added all the time so keep it right here for all the latest news as it happens. Please let us know how you get on getting your tickets too!
Rehearsals for the world tour are now back in full swing once again, with Olga, Dave and Tommy knocking all your favourite tunes into shape in Lancashire, England as we speak! I hope to be able to get some more photos for you soon.
Here's your first glimpse of the new album artwork - as designed by yours truly! The album's release date is yet to be confirmed but will be announced very, very soon.
Those of you with a keen eye will notice that the track listing has changed slightly and David's XR2 is no longer there. Time was running out when the final mixing was being done so it was decided to drop this track rather than put out an unpolished version. Fear not though, the track WILL be finished and WILL be available at some point in the future.
Finally, and as promised, the guitar lessons are back! Three times the fun this month!!!
After much pressure from you lot I've got another clip from the Live In Japan vid for ya!
More downloads than you can shake a stick at this month!!! Here's another bunch of TOY DOLLS covers!
I've had literally hundreds of requests to put tabs onto the website! Whilst I did consider this when i first began to put the site together, I thought that the 'Play With Olga' video series was a much better idea! It seems, however, that you lot are still not satisfied! Well for those of you who didn't know, some of our regulars on the message board have posted a few tabs that should keep you busy for a while!
Thanks to Maurici Ribera from the Trilogy Rock radio show in Spain Olga's first job as producer for The Edge has recently been uncovered!
Thanks to everyone who's contacted me recently but we're fresh out of T-shirts! They've been flying off the shelves here and unfortunately we're currently out of stock. I'm hoping i can get my hands on some more real soon, keep checking back for details.
Burning Britain, the book that was mentioned here a few months back which follows punk's development in the early 80's is now closer to release. We have more details here.
Another band link (for Loaded 44) has been added here. I heartily suggest you check out this link, not only are they a great band but you'll also find some pics of the Loaded 44 guys in the studio with Olga working on the backing vocals for the next TOY DOLLS album!
We still need to you to vote for THE TOY DOLLS. Click the image to cast your votes in the PunkOiUK e-wards.
You guys rock!!!
Until next time...