February 2009

Hy there! Whole Berlin is hoping to see you soon. We miss you! Have a nice Xmas! Boa

Ha! Boa, The whole of Berlin, really!? I wish! Have you got us mixed up with U2!? Anyway, we do love Berlin, and will get back eventually for sure, hope you turn up! And also hope you had a nice xmas!

the first, im sorry that my english is so bad. so, hello, I´m  Jazzy from germany and I have a question. I read, that you will go on concert next jear and i want to see this to, but i have a problem, so because i have epilepsy I cant go to a cinema or drive a car or go to a concert, so I want to ask about yo´re special effects like flaschlight or something. Because, when there is not so many light, than I would come :D A good friend of me wants to give me a card if I want to come with so you know, what my problem is? I would see you but I dont know if I can, 'cause of the epilepsy... pleas write back and sorry for this "bad english" text Jazzy

Jazzy hey! Don't worry about your English, looks fine to me! I will tell you that I have also suffered from epilepsy, so we always ask the lighting gut never to use strobes, I think it s horrible anyway. We don't have our own lighting guy at the moment so its not 100% there will be no flashes, but I am 90% certain there will be none! So don't worry too much! Hope to see you soon!

Hi there Olga, firstly i hope this mail hasn`t reached you too late to be included in the Dec updates. Next ,may i wish you & the rest of the band & crew a very merry christmas.Merry Christmas. Ok,here are my latest questions to you....

Cheers Olgacrackcorn

Hi Olgacrackcorn!, the updates are usually put together a week before they are online, so I am afraid you missed it this time, but HEY! THANK YOU! Ok, I will do me best with yer questions!
#1. oh, mm, I guess it has to be a lass! I would say…both the Cheeky girls for obvious reasons! Don't you agree?
#2. TV Clip I would say Mike Baldwins death on Corrie, and film I would say Michael Douglas owning up to be unfaithful on Fatal attraction.
#3.Wow what a question! Mm, very difficult, I would say Bridge over troubled water, or Sunshine on Leith by the Proclaimers. Oh, I changed me mind…South American frogs by Peter and the test tube babies! No… Please please me, Beatles, oh…too many!
#4Ha, nice question! Japanese Hoke fish followed by chocolate ice cream.
#5.Stiff Little Fingers for sure, is that unforgivable or what!! I know I know!
#6. I drive a Rolls Royce at the moment, I know its flash, but I like it, ha! Joke, I live in Central London, so I use the bus! No car at the moment I am afraid, I do miss driving though, but not around Soho! I would have a Mercedes CLK or SLK if I could choose.
#7. Oh, another good question! Any Andrew Lloyed Webbers compositions or Banned from the pubs by Pttbabies!
#8. Good questions my friend! And I will try to be honest, I am not a Christmas fan! But I like it when they put a horror film for xmas on TV! Especially THE SIGNAL MAN, creepy! Oh, I like taking the Christmas tree down also! Miserable swine eh!? But I like a clean and tidy home!
#9. No, but it's a good idea, and got me thinkin’ , cheers! There should be something soon, we aint getting any younger! Well, that goes for Tommy and Duncan! I get more youthful every tour!
#10. And a Great New year to you too! Life is good! Hope to see ya somewhere in 2009!
Take care,

Hi there Olga, I have a cut on my iPod called "Banjo Fight". However, I went thru your albums and I cannot seem to find which album or single that is from. Can you enlighten me, please? Cheers, ~Jen

Hey Jen! The actual title you are looking for is Druelling Banjos. Its from the album ABSURD DITTIES. Good luck, let me know how you get on!

Hi! Here´s some pics of my latest project. Well it´s not a real Telecaster, it´s made of a DIY kit. Nice anyway? Regards Seppo

Seppo Hi Check the updates page! Its on there for ya, nice one!

Hello, I'm preparing board and card games podcast. As your (and punk music) fan (as well punk:) ) I thought is there any possibility to use yor themes (max 30 sec.) in my podcast as main theme or partial music. Waiting for response. Andrzej "Andr

Andrezej Hi That's fine by me! but you would need to check with Secret Records limited for any permission regarding commercial usage. Good luck with it all. Cheers

Olga you are the best and i have all our cds!!!My name is Patrick i am Portuguese and i love toy dolls... Came to play in Portugal, good food, good sun, good beer and a lot of women ahahah. For the 1 time a go to see Toy Dolls in SPAIN ..  April , 17  Merida, Extremusika Festival. All i want is a good picture for my album and show to all my friends in http://www.xuxajurassica.com. cheers .. Patrick From Portugal

Thank you Patrick! Portugal rocks, Lisbon is great and Porto is beautiful, cant wait to get back! See ya in Spain Olga

Areet olga, managed to get head round the solo for alecs gone but am dyin to know the rest, any chance of a lesson?? Cheers

Hi! Well done learnin’ the solo! Will probably put the rest up at a later date, when I have learnt it properly meself! Cheers

hiya Olga! would you send to me the lambrusco kid song guitar tab please?i just can't find it on the net,and i really want to learn it..please mate..i'm from hungary,sorry for my bad english.. cheers a lot,and keep up the fantastic job lajos

Lajos We don't have the tabs here I am afraid, eventually I will start tabbing everything up, meantime I think The Lambrusco Kid is one of the websites guitar lessons, let me know if its not on, I will record it at a later date. Thank you! Hope to see you again in Hungary!

Hey Olga, Love The Toy Dolls, I love your music and stage moves!! I also love the guitar video lessons, however I’m a drummer, is it possible to get The Amazing Mr. Duncan to make a couple of drum video lessons for a couple of the classics? That would be great!! Ps; Please come back to York on your next tour (I was too young last time you came here!!    L)

Hello! And thank you! I will ask The Amazing Mr Duncan about the drum video lessons, that's a good idea! We really enjoyed York, I prefer small venues to be honest! Sorry ya missed it! Cheers

Hey, how are you boys doing? I hope everything is going fine. You haven't been in Poland for such a long time, and, what's even worse, I missed your last concert in the Czech Republic. Are you planning to go on another tour pretty soon? Please say you do, me and my sister would love to come and see you. Best wishes, Anna

Anna Hi! Everything is fine here thank you, busy writing every day, rehearsals and stuff! Sorry you missed the last Czech Republic gig, we love it there! Yes you are correct about Poland, its been a long long time! No actual tours are planned for 2009, but we are doing festivals, these are being arranged as we speak! Hope to see ya at one of them! Take care

Hi, I have loved your music since the beginning – Must admit that Nellie trapped me, but I had listened before that. I would like to know if you have anyone who can dance to the Entertainer, Eine Kleine Knachtmusic and the rest. Currently listening to the sabredance, which I can also do ;)  Not as a professional, but as a devotee of Toy Dolls. Would love to dance with you guys if you can cope with me ;) Drop me a line if you are interested, I will understand if you are not, I dance for fun and love your stuff, being a bit of a modern day punk ;)  then I would like a list of your gigs so I can go and perform in the audience!!!  Will take my specs off for that of course LOL!!! Hugs Niki

Niki Hi Thank you! We will bear you mind for the dancing! Thank for the offer! Keep in touch!

Hey Olga!! This Is Will Here, Im a Big fan Love Every Note Of Every song of every album and have painted the' TOY DOLLS Blocks on my wall Haha I was Wondering If You Are Going To Do a Gig Down In The Southwest of the UK, Plymouth, Exeter SomeWhere Near There And i was also Wondering Where your living Now, Durham? Because my sisters moving there and i would love to meet you HAHA Anyway Keep it Mad! Much Obliged to your Reply P.s ta for that 'She Gos To Finos Play With Olga' i now can play it

Will Hi Toy Dolls blocks painted on your wall! Wow! Really!? We don't have any UK gigs planned at the moment, maybe after the next album is written and released. Good that ya got She goes to Finos sorted! Well done! I used to live in the North East of UK, but I have been living in central London for quite a few years now, may bump into you if I get back up north! Cheers

Hi Olga, My name is Scott (Young Spider) I'm 8 yrs old and thanks to my Dad i'm a massive Toy Dolls fan. Heard you were writing a new album and would love to know what it will be called, and when it may be released. We live in Australia and would be great if the Toy Dolls could tour there sometime soon (Don't forget Adelaide !!). Cheers, Young Spider

Young Spider Hello! The album is being written now, that's correct, but it wont be release until next year! So it's a bit early to know what the title will be at the moment! Thank you fo asking though! We have never been to Australia, but I really hope we can get there one day! Take care

Hello Olga! Best wishes in 2009! I'm Christopher from Poland again, "Our last album" it's super, fine intro and outro, Poland awaits you! if you may to answer the questions I'll be pleased:
#1. What guitar you used on "22 tunes from live Tokyo" and "On stage in Stuttgart"
#2. How old it's your Gibson?
#3. What it's string action in your guitars, do you prefer very low action?
#4. Next question it's about truss rod, do you adjust straight or a little curved profile of neck?
#5. What is it model of Seymour Duncan pickup at bridge in yellow tele and what's it in Gibson?(I'm searching for good humbucker to rock, in my new Gibson Sg that 490T it's not working good enough)
#6. What is it thikness of pick and firm that you use?
#7. What do you use amp to microphone?
#8. On "Introduction from "Wakey wakey" is it first note played on G string at 2 fret with open D,A and then tremolo on D string? how is it correctly?
#9. What are notes between A-chord and Fis-chord in chorus on "Stay mellow"?
#10. Muted tone on "Back in '79" before muted verse is it played on open E string or E-chord?
#11. What is it position of notes at fast hammering on, at solo in "Coppers copt Ken's cash"
Thank you very much, good luck:)

Christopher from Poland Hello! Best wishes to you too! I am pleased you like Our Last Album!, some of the songs are not bad I reckon! Ok, here come your answers!
#1. 22 tunes from Tokyo was the Gibson Les Paul, black Custom.
#2. that Giibson is about 25 years old, though I hardly ever use a Gibson, my main guitar is a Fender Telecaster.
#3. I prefer a really high action to be honest, the strings sing much better if the action is high, though its really hard work to play!
#4. My truss rod has been adjusted from time to time, but I am too frightened to do it myself!
#5. The Seymour Duncan pick up on the telecaster is an Alnico.. I have no idea about the Gibson, just the standard picks ups that were built with the guitar!
#6. I don't actually use a normal pick, its something I adapt from a pick and gaffa tape (see the 'Check Out The Gear' video from 2004 in the guitar section of the site. Ciaron), I have a a few, all fairly thick, not sure about numbers!
#7. My amp is a Marshall JCM 800 100w 2203 model, no fx, though I sometimes use a tube sceamer for feedback at the end of songs when we play live shows.
#8. Uh Oh, this was 20 years ago, let me check it out later and put it on a guitar lesson for ya!
#9. I think I know which notes you mean! They are, Ab and G, hope that helps?
#10. I think this one will be better as a guitar lesson also!, if its not already on the guitar lessons?
#11. I will check this out for ya Christopher, remind me about it! Its one of those songs that we have never played live, but I am interested in finding out what I played in 1991! Good luck to you too!

Hi Olga. I'm going to ask you to cast your mind back about 25 years! You played a gig in Leeds as a support band for a band called the Negativz - I think it was around xmas time, but can't remember the exact venue or date, sorry.  The whole place was packed with Toy Dolls fans, and the place emptied after your set, because the headline band were awful, and no-one had come to see them anyway! Just wondered if you remembered the gig Olga, and if so, can you tell me why you were only the support act?  The Negaitvz were not very well known, but the Toy Dolls were pretty big on the punk/Oi scene by that time. Cheers Ian

Ian Hi Do you know which Leeds venue it was?, maybe that will help me remember!? Negativz? Mmm, where were they from?

Hi Olga, the first time i've heard The Toy Dolls was in 1985 (unfortunately not earlier).Since that day i became a big fan and i have seen many live-gigs.But you've never played the song"Queen Alexandra Road..." from my favourite LP "Dig That Groove,Baby".Would you be so kind and play this song at the Paaspop Festival in Holland?You would do me a very very big favour!!! Thanks and greets, Hape from Germany

Hi Hape! We are really looking forward to Paaspop, theres gonna be some oldies included in the set! And guess what…Queeen Alexandra road will be in there! See ya soon

Hello Olga, Phil from Durham. I have a very old (and poorly recorded) bootleg tape of a gig which I attended at the Smugglers in Annfield Plain when the line up was your good self, Flip and Happy Bob. The band, well Flip sings a song called 'I Can See You' which I really like would like to know the origin of. Any plans to ever play/record it because it's brill!

Greetings to Durham Phil! I remember The Smugglers, twas many moons ago indeed! I haven’t seen Flip or Happy Bob since around that time! Yeah, Flip sang “I can see you” this was written by our first singer, Pete Zulu, not sure if we will ever record though, maybe one day. Glad you like it!

Q:Hey Olga! How are ya? Everytime I listen to ya music it brings a smile to my face! :D Just a couple of questions, What influenced you in music? What amp/effects do ya use for your tele? And have you ever thought about doing cartoon voices? Hope to see ya in New Zealand some time! Cheers, Zatara

Hi Zatara Thank you, that's nice to know! Musically I am influenced by all kindsa stuff, Shadows, Ventures, early Status Quo, Beatles, Small Faces, Skids, Pistols, Ruts, loadsa punk stuff, Struass, Abba, the list is endless! I use a Marshall JCM 800 100w 2203 amp, without effects. Ha, I would love to do cartoon voices, if anyone will have me! We also hope to see ya in NZ sometime! Take care

Hi Olga what are the correct chords for Come Back Jackie? I just can’t get it right Cheers Peter

Pete hi A few people have asked about Come Back Jackie, I will shove it on the guitar lessons at a later date, cant remember the chords off the top o’ me head just yet!