June 2008

Thanks for answer it help to me very well but i want to kwno which bass guitar K Cee play on Kawassaky City gig? CHEARS SEE YOU IN CROATIA

Hey! Greetings to Croatia, will be great to get back there for sure! The Bass K'CEE plays at the Kawasaki Gig, Japan, is called a BASS COLLECTION, I had never heard of it till I saw his! I think it maybe French. He loves it, and swears by it. It's a nice one! Active pick ups, like the Music Man.
Take care

I bought the first Toy Dolls album on Cassette and LOVED IT. My fave was easily Queen Alexander.

Hi! Cassette eh! Shhh, folk will start guessing how old we are! Queen Alexandra Rd, takes me back indeed!

How can I get a copy of the album on CD? .. I'm in Australia.

Hey, you could try Captain Oi, or Secret Records Limited, they both have online order websites, good luck.

Hi, Olga. I'm André from Lisbon, Portugal. I went to see 2 of your shows here (I'm sorry. I'm not sure if you came here more than twice. If so, I must have missed it or I'd have gone). Got the Our Last Tour? t-shirt to prove it and the ticket from the other concert with your autograph to prove it too (I believe it was in 1999?)! Toy Dolls are as old as I am...and still rockin. Like everyone says: Punk is not dead. And never will be as long as there are bands like yours around. So thank you very much for all the great songs. And for keeping in touch with your fans. Cheers from Lisbon, Portugal

Hello Lisbon! Cheers for coming to the shows, yeah that's correct, we have only done 2 in Lisbon, so far. Toy Dolls as old as you, really, you young chap!
Cheers to you! Thank you!

hey olga, I'm a huge fan of the band and am glad to hear your in the process of a new album. I was just wondering if you used a American Deluxe Ash Telecaster or the American vintage 52' telecaster?
thanks much, brad

Hi Brad, Thank you! My Telecaster is a 1979 American, I guess the same as the vintage 52’, it has the same bridge n’ stuff, But the pick up on mine is an Alnico Seymour Duncan., boring? Yawn I know!
Hope that helps!?

Olga! I was just wondering how you create your pick with the tape because for one, it's genius, and two, it would help me play licks a lot faster. I hope this question wasn't already asked before! Thanks! Jeff from San Diego.

Hey Jeff Hard to describe in words, it works the opposite way around to the acoustic finger picks you can get, know what I mean? Cheers, but I wouldn't say genius!! Just stops me keep dropping the swine!