14th December 2010

Now then You Lot! Straight down to the main points!

It's still being written Olga tells me, but it's coming along nicely (taking forever if you ask me! Ha!) watch this space!

Don't forget showing your support for the Olga Telecaster campaign here.

Your “ASK OLGA“ answers are here.

From the next updates Olga will be hand picking a few of your Ask Olga questions and answering them by video! Though this will be only a choosen few, the rest of the questions will be answered in the usual way, so get yer questions in, maybe you will be one of the lucky few to be answered by Olga actually speaking!

Olga has asked me to point out that his MYSPACE page is now a new one. Apparently all the bands have this new format, Olga isn’t a fan of the new layout, but he will endeavour to make it look a bit more pleasing to the eye over new few weeks.

Hey check out this Brazilian flyer from the mid 80s! The lads first ever tour of Brazil, with the mighty Colera supporting!

Now, the time we have all been waiting for! THE RETURN OF THE GUITAR LESSONS!!
Yes! Hes back! The man himself has recorded a batch of new lessons for ya!
Here is the first one! ENJOY!!

With the album taking longer to complete than anticipated, Secret records will be putting out a Toy Dolls greatest hits album in the spring of 2011. This will include tracks from “Our Last Album?”, audio tracks from “Our last DVD?”, and tracks from the “Treasured Tracks” live album, direct from the mixer without the crowd microphones. The album will be only available digitally, but a limited number of vinyl copies will also be available. More news as we get it, but we can tell ya the album will be aptly titled “Another Bleedin’ Best Of!”

OK, to end 2010, A COMPETITION!

1 Extra large Dayglo Green face badge
1 Extra large Grey Face badge
1 small building bricks badge
1 small white Face badge
1 small yellow badge with face logo and building bricks.

A nice little collection for ya! All you gotta do is answer the following questions! The winner will be announced in the January updates! Answers and please include your full name and address.

Just fill in the 5 blanks…..

1. Olga's real name is Michael ______?
2. Tommy Goober plays a Music ______ bass guitar?
3. The Toy Dolls began in 19______ ?
4. As well as playing the drums, live on stage with The Toy Dolls, The Amazing Mr Duncan plays a ______ at the end of Ashbrooke Launderette?
5. The Toy Dolls line up that played France for the first ever time, 23 years ago, were OLGA, DEAN and ______ ?

Ok, A MEGA Thank You from me n’ the lads for a great 2010, heres to 2011!
More albums, more shows, and more Toy Dolls!