5th September 2010

Summertime greetings to you lot from Toy Doll world!

Ok, straight down to business!

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Well, what a summer the lads have had at the festivals, Olga talks more in depth on the Olga Talkin’ section and he also has album news you may be interested in!

Looks like the festivals are now over (though never say never!) I do know the band enjoyed themselves more than ever!

Heres some clips from Pukkelpop in Belgium, Foreztival in France.

Next up are club shows in Russia and South America, wow, what a life this trio seem to have! Though you should read the Olga Talkin section, the grass is always greener and all that! I know the lads are lookin forward to being able to play the full Toy Dolls set without the time restrictions which they had put on them at the festivals, so enjoy yerselves lads!

Looks like the gigs end in Beunos Aires on 26th September, this is when Olga has promised to get across to my place to record a whole new batch of guitar lessons, watch this space!

Oh, and speaking of Beunos Aires, tickets are absolutely flying out for all the South American shows, so get yer skates on if you aint purchased your tickets yet! Maybe a while before the lads get back there, Russia also!

As I said earlier, most news is on the Olga Talkin section this time around, check it out.

Enjoy yerselves in Moscow and St Petersburg!

More news soon!