2nd July 2010

Hey you summer time lot!

Hope you are making the most of yer swimming trunks n’ bikinis! and most of all..the festivals!

Our favourite trio are certainly having a wail of a time, and things are a hell of a lot easier for them since the volcanic ash cloud has taken a back seat!

Olga tells me that playing festivals isn’t quite the same as playing yer own club shows, but still highly enjoyable, meeting up with all the other bands and seeing new faces, and having huge stages to enhance all the choreography! Hard work though, says Olga, with such large areas to cover! (Sounds like he’s getting too old for this eh? Your words Olga, not mine!)

So, still a string a festivals ahead of the lads and then the Russian and South American tours!

“So whens the album gonna get done then?” I can hear you lot say! Well I have been told by the man himself recording is just around the corner! He continued to tell me that because of all the live shows, the album will have to be slotted in and around the gigs and festivals, so we should have news of the first session (drums and rhythm guitars) very soon! Really!

Talking of festivals (and we were, just a short while ago... c'mon, keep up there!), old Toy Dolls member Baz, and his band The Stranglers landed a spot at Glastonbury last week, nice one! Heres a recent interview with Baz from The Stranglers website.

Talking of the old days, take a look at these couple of flyers we found in the archives from The Toy Dolls shows decades ago in Los Angeles!

Anyway, fast forward to 2010! The festivals and shows may well be coming thick and fast, but The Amazing Mr Duncan has still found time to be off touring acoustically around the UK to a great a response! And Tommy Goober is in the process of mixing a new Goober Patrol album! And you can catch The Goobers live at The Gaff, Holloway Road, London on August 14th!

Yer “Ask Olga” answers are here.

I notice Olga is featuring 3 songs from all the Toy Dolls studio albums each week on his Myspace now, check it out.

Cheers for your ongoing support for the Olga Telecaster campaign.

Speaking of guitars (still keeping up?!) Olga has promised to get across my way for the next batch of guitar lessons one day very soon! Looking forward to that, and to catching up... my excuse to go down the pub really!

Oh, by the way, check out these great pictures of the band performing in Spain a couple of months back:

Ok, so good luck to Olga, Tommy & Duncan for the forthcoming shows, and i will do my best to get Olga across here for the guitar lessons before the next updates... and maybe some proper solid album news!

Meantime, enjoy the sun, and seeing the lads at the festivals! You lucky lot!