2nd June 2010

Well hello you lot! Hope you are enjoying the summer sun?

Ok, straight into action...

Check yer ASK OLGA answers here.

Wow, what a mountain of competition entries this time around, thank you!

The correct answers were:

1: Any of the following:
... Olgamental intro
... Gordon Brown Gets Me Down
... Sciatica Sucks
... Don’t Drive Yer Car Up Draycott Avenue
... Kevin's Cotton Wool kids
... Marty's Mam
... Sunderland Celebrity
... Man Down
... Credit Crunch Christmas
... Down at the Old 29
... Deccas Drinkin’ Deleamma
... You and Me song
... Dirty Doreen
... Olgamental Outro

2: Barcelona

3: Tommy Goober - Vanilla Pod, Goober Patrol. Mr Duncan - Snuff, Billy No Mates.

And the winner is Krzysztof Lato! Congratulations to you, two extra large badges and a t-shirt will be with you very soon! (I want one o’ those shirts!)

The lads have been having a tough time dodging the volcanic ash cloud, but they ain't missed a show yet! Using cars, trains and ships the lads have got to every show so far! Hes a few pics from the ferry journeys:

And here's a few youtube clips from the recent festivals...

So, the lads have a few weeks off now before the next festival in France on the 26th June. During this period they will be putting the final touches to the album writing! We know how anxiously you are waiting for recording and release news! ME TOO! Olga promises me things are coming together and will have news within the next few weeks... oh come on Olga!

We will keep ya posted!

Oh, and don't forget to add your support to the "Get Fender to honour Olga with a signature Telecaster" campaign. Check out all the details on the specially prepared MySpace page.

Until next time