19th March 2010

Hey you lot! A quick, short update this time!

Ok, first up we have your Ask Olga questions answers.

Next up, the latest guitar lesson.

While Olga is putting the final touches to the new album before recording, and Tommy is practicing all the bass bits, Duncan is back in Japan! On an acoustic tour with Joey Cape (Lagwagon).

The lads have a busy summer time schedule coming up, what with a string of festivals, and now shows in Russia and South American tour dates, so the album recording is gonna have to be slotted in around the gigs! A release date hasn't been set yet, but we should have this soon, after actual recording has begun.

I can tell you the list of songs, which include two songs written and sung by the Amazing Mr Duncan too!

Here we go:

Olgamental intro
Gordon Brown Gets Me Down
Sciatica Sucks
Don’t Drive Yer Car Up Draycott Avenue
Kevin's Cotton Wool kids
Marty's Mam
Sunderland Celebrity
Man Down
Credit Crunch Christmas
Down at the Old 29
Deccas Drinkin’ Deleamma
You and Me song
Dirty Doreen
Olgamental Outro

There maybe a couple of live bonus tracks, and on the Japanese release of the album, a great Japanese cover entitled “Arigato”. I will tell you I have heard the demo of Arigato, and it absolutely rocks! I gotta get myself a Japanese copy of the album!

Heres a pic of our Olga for ya, Consett, North East UK, 1983!

More news next time around!