February 2010

Greetings from Toy Doll world!

First things first, check out the latest live dates here. They're coming in thick and fast all the time so please do keep checking back.

OK, a slightly different kind of update for you this time!

While we are waiting for album and gigs news, I decided to do a big interview with the man himself, Olga.
There's some burning questions over the 30 years that I and a number of others wanna have the answers to!
So here we go with the 30th Anniversary Interview.

And your Olga Talkin’ and Ask Olga sections both updated.

And… another guitar lesson for ya all!

I know a lot of you have been asking about The Toy Dolls music/chords book, well, let me know what you think of this, its just a kind of taster for what may happen if we get enough interest, courtesy of Christophe Saunière, the score for SHE GOES TO FINOS (pdf download).

Requests for The Toy Dolls back catalogue releases is on going, so heres a direct link to Captain Oi!, they have a load of the bands stuff, check it out.

And now for something completely different!

On Friday February 12th from 5pm (UK TIME) till 5pm on Saturday (24 hours ONLY), Olga will be putting up 2 new album “In me Bedroom” demo tracks for ya to hear.

Yep, you heard that right! I have asked a reluctant Olga to put up two of his rough demos up for us!

Olga has asked me to stress though that the demos are played in his bedroom, on a drum machine, with the guitar (sounding fuzzy being played through his trusty Tube Screamer) being plugged into the recording equipment directly without an amp, and with Olga doing all the playing and all backing vocals, so please don’t judge the sound, this aint what its gonna sound like when its recorded properly!

Anyway, the rough tracks will be on Olgas MYSPACE page on Friday 12th Feb 5pm for 24 hours only! ENJOY!!

Oh, and don't forget to add your support to the "Get Fender to honour Olga with a signature Telecaster" campaign. Check out all the details on the specially prepared MySpace page.

More news soon
TTFN Ciaron