September 2008

Well, Hello to you lot! Long time no speak eh!?

First off, a huge thank you to you lot in Spain and France this year, the lads had a wicked time at the festivals, Cheers.

Cheers to the Real Mckenzies too, great to finally meet ya, and wow! What a band!

Heres a few pics for ya from France & Spain
Heres the lads with the Real McKenzies, and at rehearsals in France..
So, whats up…
While Olga is plodding along with the album writing, Tommy has been doing acoustic shows with Goober Patrol, and is in the process of lining up more shows as we speak, will keep you posted!

Duncan has shows lined up at the end of October and November with SNUFF in Japan, should be wild gigs, the shows have already sold out!

On the subject of Japan! Heres the song that Duncan and Olga recorded for 7th Tarz Armstrong. The album “The Tokyo City Big Nights” is available now!
Lets us know what ya think!
Oh by the way, heres yer latest answered ASK OLGA questions! Keep em’ coming in!

We should have more album news next time around, and there are talks of a string of festivals and various shows for 2009, will let you know about this ASAP!