November 26th 2008
A new confirmed 2009 live date. Click here.
November 2008

Hey you lot!

Update time once again! Where do the months go?!

First off, here's a message from Olga and your Ask Olga questions answered.

As we speak, the Amazing Mr Duncan is doing shows in Japan with his band “Snuff”, greetings to him there! And Tommy Goober has various shows lined up with Goober Patrol, and Vanilla Pod. Here's the latest Goober Patrol video for you.

As we mentioned in the last updates, there's going to be festivals and various shows happening in 2009. Instead of keeping you waiting for the new album the lads will be appearing at a number of festivals throughout next year, and maybe a few club shows too. The set promises to include some great Toy Doll golden oldies for you! These wont be tour dates to coincide with any album release... that will happen later when the album is written, recorded and released! But the lads are itching to get back out there, so make sure you catch em’ in 2009! As soon as the confirmed dates start coming in we will, of course, let you know.

Here's a great pic of the band on stage taken by Matzi in Spain a few weeks back...

... and speaking of Matzi (the band's backline technician, as if you didn't know!), here's an interview with the lass herself!
Check it out! Some very interesting stuff you may wanna know about our trusty trio!

A nice little feature here for you... Olga's own personal scrapbooks from way back.

We're currently working on some new guitar lessons for you, the first one of the new batch will be making it's appearance on the next site updates. There'll be some tips, tricks and hints included, well worth checking’ out I can tell you.

Tommy has told us he will also have some new bass lessons for early in the new year! Cant wait for them either!

Olga has been continuing his acting career with a spot on BBC TVs soap, Eastenders! Not a huge part, so you will need to keep your eyes well peeled! As far as we can make out his appearance will be in the Christmas episode or thereabouts. Olga is walking around Albert Square, outside the Queen Vic, and browsing round the market... In a Santa Clause hat!!! Lets us know if you spot him!

NEXT TIME... the return of the guitar lessons... any confirmed shows should we get them... and all the best Toy Dolls news fit to print... :o)


A final note... due to an error on the band's web shop (my fault... can you ever forgive me?!), the large Red Hot Rod t-shirts are now available to buy.