December 2007
Hello you lot from The Toy Dolls camp!
As you know, the lads are taking time off touring to concentrate on writing another album, so there aint loads to report at the moment. But we don’t want you to think we have forgotton about you all! So this is a quickie!
Click here for your latest Ask Olga answered questions, and keep em’ coming, it keeps Olga busy!
Heres a coupla links to reviews of recent Toy Dolls gigs in the summer, enjoy!

Holland: Huntenpop festival: 25th august 2007

UK Durham Show 16th September 2007
A few of you have been asking about a Toy Dolls webshop which has appeared! We have nothing to do with it! Its not a shop selling buttons, t shirts etc, its a webshop ran by Secret Records, the goods available are only Secret Records produced items. Having said that, we should have news of an official webshop, ran by us, within a few months!
A few words from Olga, on the Olga Talkin section can be found here.
So, please don't think we have forgotton about ya ‘ all, all is full steam ahead in Toy Doll land!

One last snippent before we leave ya, heres a link to a Russian TV commercias, that our crazy trios Idle Gossip was used for the sound track a few months back, wild!

More news soon!
Until next time!