September 2007
Summertime greetings to you all!

Well, what can I say? The lads have had one brilliant simmer at all the festivals, thanks to you lot!
Here's a few recent pics taken in Holland and Sweden... Olga and Tommy with the lads from Anti Nowhere League and The Dwarves.

And now we have the final summer festival, tomorrow, Sept 1st the Rock My Ass festival at Lichentenfels near Bamberg, which just so happens to be the Toy Dolls only German appearance this year! Get along to this one if ya can! Some great bands on, including the excellent Demented Are Go and The Exploited.
Following this mega festival, the lads will be getting straight back in the van after the gig, for an overnight drive to Frankfurt airport, where our trusty trio and crew will be heading off to Helsinki, Finland, where they board yet another flight to Osaka, Japan!
But it aint no holiday for the lads, a rehearsal room is booked when they get off the plane in Osaka! To brush up on some Toy Doll golden oldies! Before the Osaka gig next Wednesday.
From Osaka, it's the Shinkansen (bullet train) up to Tokyo for 2 shows, then on to Nagoya for another gig.
For you lot unable to get to the land of the rising sun, here's DIG THAT GROOVE BABY, shot by the band's road crew from the stage, in Tokyo, 4 months ago.
After the Japan stint, the lads will be arriving back in UK in London on 10th September, following a bath and stage clothes washing time, it's up to Leeds on the 12th to start the loooooong awaited UK your on 13th! Tour dates link

Tickets are flying out for the UK dates, as i've mentioned before, Durham has sold out already, and the London show only has a handful of advance tickets left, so don't miss out! I got my tickets for London already he he!

Here's the latest batch of ASK OLGA questions.

From the band and crew, thanks loads to everyone at the Holland Huntenpop festival last weekend, twas great to see you lot as usual! Cheers.
A final word from Olga, "If I don't speak beforehand, have a great time you lot across in Japan next week, and I will catch up with ya somewhere on the UK tour!! Come up n’ say hello!"...
Wow, finally... the UK tour, is this a dream?!!
Until next time!