March 2006

Good day to you lot!

Before we get started, again a huge thank you to all of you for the Punk Polls votes! We appreciate it! Ya can keep on voting if ya like!
Check out the enormous amount of email answered this month, in the ASK OLGA section!
The Band Members profile section has been updated with the details of The Amazing Mr. Duncan! We will be arranging a proper photo session soon, when ya can see the whole band together.
Something very special for you here, an exclusive interview with Tommy Goober! I caught up with the man himself in Norwich last week, makes interesting reading for sure!
Within the next few weeks we will have the first tour dates of this year for ya! Something we are all itching to read!
Details of the release of the new favourites album "TREASURED TOY DOLLS TRACKS...LIVE!" will be with ya soon too.

Along with the website's new layout, Olga has had to re-learn how to update his own OLGA TALKIN' section!!! As soon as he has cracked it, he will be updating it on a regular basis once more! So, keep ya eyes peeled for the tour dates!

Meantime, seems our little Olga has started to get some recognition at last! He's been added to the internet's list of great guitar players by YAHOO! Check Olga out at and click on interviews. Enjoy!

Until next time!