January 2006

A very Happy New Year to you lot!

First up, you've probably noticed the aesthetic changes round here? I thought the site was due a new look, and what better way to bring in the New Year than with a new design? OK, maybe not but i hope you like it anyway!!!
Things have been re-arranged a little too, hopefully to make everything easier to navigate.
Now despite my best efforts to make sure everything here is running OK and all the links are in place, i still get that nagging feeling that i've forgotten something
Please let me know if you notice anything amiss!
Right, before i spill the beans on what's going on please check out Olga's new respectives on Our Last DVD? and Our Last Album?
Also... Check out this great 5 star review of the DVD, from December's edition of BIG CHEESE magazine.
A continued HUGE thank you to everyone voting in the Punk Polls, keep ya votes coming!
As usual the ASK OLGA section has been updated to include all yer questions and answers. Olga will be regularly updating his very own OLGA TALKIN' page too, keep checking it!
After a period of quiet, the Covers section has finally been updated to include a whole bunch of new TOY DOLLS covers from great bands.
There's some great new pics of Olga and The Lambrusco Kids in rehearsal prior to their shows last November here.
There's still more pics coming up soon... sit tight!

Ok, now lets get down to business!

Although we haven't got full, precise details of what's happening this year yet, i can tell you this (and its GREAT news for sure, i for one, am as excited as hell)...


From the 2nd half of 2006, the lads will be embarking on the next section of the OUR LAST TOUR? tour!
Olga will be joined by Tommy Goober on bass and the amazing Duncan (from Snuff / Billy No Mates) on drums for the tour, which will take in places not yet visited on the 2004/05 tours.

Like I said, we don't have precise details yet, everything is being arranged as we speak, but I can tell you that there will be shows in JAPAN, NORTH USA, SOUTH AMERICA, RUSSIA etc.

PLEASE DO NOT E-MAIL ASKING ABOUT TOUR DATES!!! As soon as anything is confirmed you'll find it here first.

I have also been told of a good chance of a Norwegian tour at the start of it all. There maybe a few festivals too!

And there's more!......

A 'best of' album with a difference will be recorded next month, to be released early part of 2006. It will be an album of favourite TOY DOLLS songs, and not all he usual ones either!

This will be recorded live somewhere in Europe with a small private audience of close mates. And i can tell ya, the track listing sounds wicked!

Here we go:

Dig That Groove Theme Tune
I've Had Enough O Magaluf
Alec's Gone
Spiders In The Dressing Room
Cloughy Is A Bootboy
Rita's Innocent
You Wont Be Merry On A North Sea Ferry
Poor Davey
Tommy Koweys Car
I'm A Telly Addict
Terry Talkin'
Her With A Hoover
I Caught It From Camilla
Sod The Neighbors
Barry The Roofer
Dig That Groove Baby
Idle Gossip

And there's even more news...

In between extensive filming for BBC TV Drama "Holby City", Olga has decided to start writing a brand new TOY DOLLS album!! Ha ha, I knew it, the mans addicted!

BUT, he has pointed out that he wants to take a lot of time over this one, and that it wont be recorded until he is very happy! This may take a year or two!

More news next time, including an exclusive interview with Tommy Goober!

Take care you lot!

I am off to consult my diary to check what holidays i can take to see the lads perform again this year!

2006.... its gonna be a good one!

Until next time!