27th April 2006
Live dates updated...
April 2006
Well Hello again you lot!
So, Spring has finally arrived and with it brings the first Toy Dolls shows of 2006!
Following rehearsals in April and May, our trusty trio will be continuing the Our Last Tour? tour.
First off is Norway (please check the tour dates for details).
The lads have decided not to include Oslo on this leg, as the city was already visited on the 2004 leg, but the lads will be back with a new set !
The Norwegian shows will be the very first gigs to feature new drummer The Amazing Mr. Duncan so get there if ya can!
Festivals are coming in as we speak, but we really need confirmation before we can get them up on the website for ya.
As usual, we really thank you for your continuing support on the Punk Polls votes! Thanks yet again.
Click here for all your latest ASK OLGA answers.
The new album "Treasured Toy Dolls Tracks Live" will be released around June/July through Secret records, we'll have a specific date for ya asap but in the meantime, click here for a look at the wicked sleeve!
Due to unforseen circumstances i wasn't able to film the guitar lessons a while back as planned but we're definately shooting a new batch for you in May. I will be visiting the lads at their rehearsal rooms in West London where i'll get some pics for ya, and Olgas lessons!!!


The lads have got some new stage shirts for the next tour leg, so Olga has decided to give away his OUR LAST TOUR? stage shirt (as featured on OUR LAST DVD? and all the tour dates to date!) Don't worry, he promises it will be washed and tumble dried for ya!

To win this terrific Toy doll top! we have 3 questions for you.

1. What size collar (in inches) is Olga's stage shirt?
2. What was the name of Olga's dog, featured on a few Toy Dolls albums?
3. How many songs have the Toy Dolls recorded about TV soap Coronation Steeet characters? 1, 2, 3 4, 5, 6 or 7?

Send in your answers and good luck, the winner will be announced soon.

And while we are on the subject of Coronation Street, Olga has asked me to point out that this week sees the end of an era, with the death of Mike Baldwin, Olgas favourite Corrie Character. It will be aired at 7.30 pm, UK time, on ITV 3 Friday April 7th. It promises to be a real tear jerker. If ya can tune it, dont miss it!
Keep checking the tour dates for more shows coming your way soon!
Look after ya selves!
Until next time!