17th October 2005
Another Mini Update!
The FAQ section has been updated and is now called Ask Olga.

Don't forget to keep checking the Olga Talkin' section for up to date news on what Olga's up to from the man himself!
6th October 2005
Mini update!
Check out the all new Olga Talkin section.
29th September 2005
Hey ya all!
So, what have we got this month for ya? Well there's two new confirmed shows which can be found here. Remember to keep checking the tour dates page for updates.
Please keep voting on voting in the punk polls... the lads are still doing very well, keep on keepin' on!
Breaking News!!!
Brazilian punk heroes THE LAMBRUSCO KIDS will be having a special guest join them on stage in November....you guessed it..OLGA!
Yeah, after a couple of rehearsals of punk covers, and a string of TOY DOLLS songs, the lads will be on stage at HANGAR 110 in Sao Paulo Brazil, on November 14th. AND... another two gigs in Argentina on 18th and 19th are awaiting confirmation!!!
Remember, these are not TOY DOLLS shows, they are LAMBRUSCO KIDS gigs with our OLGA guesting, sounds like greeeeaaaat fun!
So Olga with his ever faithful yellow Telecaster and back line technician Matzi will be arriving in Sao Paulo on 11th November, totally jet lagged but ready to rock!
These shows are a one off and something very special, its a rare thing that Olga does anything like this, don't miss it!

Message Board
I'm guessing you will, by now, have noticed that the message board is no longer with us. The board has been a good place for nearly two years now, but with the current batch of shows coming to an end we just felt like it was time for a change.
That is not to say that the board will NEVER return either.
So, time for a change it is then, and you'll see a couple of new features popping up on the site over the coming months.
The first of which is the hugely improved FAQ section. This will now be your way of asking Olga all the questions you need answers for. E-mail them to us at the site, we will pass them on and then Olga will choose a handful per month to respond to.
Look out for more features coming soon...

Latest Pics
Here's a selection of pics from the past few weeks festivals. We had a great time, THANK YOU to all the great crowds and fantastic friendly bands!
Guitar Case Winner
Olga's guitar case was presented to it's winner, Dominic Wirdnam, earlier this month. With a fabulous view of the Clifton Bridge many drinks were consumed and a great time had by all. Take a look here for the pics of the day!
DVD/Digipak Winners
Thank you to each and every one of you for entering. This has been by far and away the most popular competition we've ran so far here at the website, we've had hundred's of entries!
Until next time!