2nd November 2005

Well hello you lot!
So, to this months news... but, before we begin, here's 4 great pics taken at THE TOY DOLLS show in Spain, Santiago 22nd October 2005! Taken from the stage by Matzi the instrument technician.

Cheers for the loads of nice emails and compliments sent to the Ask Olga section. BUT..
Please don't keep asking us about performances in USA/UK etc . these questions have been answered 100s of times! If there's any news of any kind of performances featuring Olga anywhere, you lot will be the first to know! Don't worry!
While we are on the subject... The Ask Olga section has been updated with all the latest questions and answers, check it out!
And, if you haven't already noticed, Olga regularly updates the Olga Talkin section, a whole loada new stuff on there for ya!
Thanks a lot for voting for the lads in the Punk Polls, keep them votes coming in! You can still vote here.

Ok, so this month sees Olga and Instrument tech Matzi jetting off to warmer climate! Some folk have all the luck! Check out the tour dates for the details of Olga's guest gigs in South America with Lambrusco Kids.
The set list will be: 6 or 7 Lambrusco kids songs without our Olga! then, with Olga: Dig That Groove Baby / She Goes To Finos / Glenda And The Test Tube Baby / Back In '79 / Idle Gossip / Fisticuffs In Frederick Street / Wipe Out / Yul Brynner Was A Skinhead / I've Got Asthma / Dougy Giro / Alec's Gone - BREAK - then again with Olga: Just Like me / If The Kids Are United / Ever Fallen In Love / I Fought The Law / Banned From The Pubs / Flying Saucer Attack / Streets Of London / Teenage Kicks / Greatest Cockney Rip Off / Suspect Device / Nellie The Elephant / Lambrusco Kid.
If you can get there, do it! Don't miss it, certainly something different!

Remember to keep checking the Olga Talkin bit! How the hell he finds time to keep updating it I don't know! That guy's got way too much energy!!

We have some interesting bits and bobs happening for you from the Olga camp over the few months! Just you wait!

Until next time!