3rd July 2005
Back Again!
There's quite a bit to get through this month, so lets get started eh?!
Please keep voting for Olga and the lads in the Punk Polls!
The positions keep changing all the time but Olga and the boys seem to be top 10 residents at the moment!
To keep it that way people have to keep on voting, once each day if possible, these votes will all be added at the end of the year, Come on, show the lads your support but remember only one vote for each catergory is allowed per day.
You can find the polls here.

25th July sees the release of the digipak edition of Our Last Album?
It will be distributed by Snapper Music. Click here for sneek peak, and stay tuned for the possibilty of winning one soon...

We seem to be going competition crazy here at the moment!
Click here to see if you stand a chance of winning Olga's guitar case (but please remember, the Fender Telecaster is NOT included!).
We're giving the guitar lessons a rest this month, but wait... we've got something even better for ya this time!
So many of you have been asking about promo videos that we're very proud to bring you this...
Here's a picture of Tommy Goober with The Dropkick Murphys all getting pisssed in Tommys house last month!
There a couple of gigs pencilled in for Argentina and Brazil at the end of September, we will have to wait for the announcement of 2 or 3 more before they can be confirmed... more news coming soon!
The Our Last Tour photo gallery has been extensively updated, thanks to everyone who's sent pics in so far - please keep 'em coming.
The lyrics for Our Last Album are now online.
That's yer lot this time round!