21st December 2004
Wa-hey! The updates are back!!!
It's been a while since the last update so there's a few things to catch up with here!
The last instalment (for now) of Olga's tour diary can be found here.
There's plenty of new pictures from the last tour to be found here. Please do keep sending them in to me here at the site and i'll get them on show for all to see.
The latest dates for the second leg of the European tour are up!
Just on a quick personal note, i wanna say it was great meeting up with all you guys in Utrecht, and it was great seeing the lads put on such a fantastic performance. A good night was had by all. Thanks to Olga, Dave and Tommy for everything, i had a great time that weekend!
As yet i have no details of the forthcoming live DVD, but rest assured as soon as they become available you lot will know about it first.
And here's a review of the Berlin show from Terrorizer magazine. If you have any similar reviews then please scan 'em and send 'em in!
As a lot of you will no doubt know, Ronan Fitzsimons' TOY DOLLS book, "From Fulwell To Fukuoka", has already hit the shelves. For those of you lucky enough to have got a copy already, i'm sure you'll all join me in toasting Ronan and this fantastic, insiteful book. The guy done good!!
Those of you who haven't got your copy yet might want to click here.
A new batch of Olga's guitar lessons will be making a welcome return in the New Year, sit tight and be patient!!!
And finally, this very website is now one year old!!! Hard to believe i know, but i'd like to extend massive thanks to EVERYONE who's helped out with the site, and to EVERYONE i've met, talked to, or corresponded with over the last year (you know who you are!). You've all made building and maintaining this website a pleasure for me. THANK YOU ONE, THANK YOU ALL
Well, that's about all for now.
On behalf of Olga, Tommy, Dave and myself we hope all of you have a fantastic Chiristmas, and we all look forward to seeing you in the New Year.