December 2003
Hello and welcome to THE TOY DOLLS official website. It's taken a while but it's finally here - I hope it's worth the wait!
Be assured that this will be the ONLY place to get all the latest TOY DOLLS news and happenings.
There's loads of stuff for you to take a look at so go on, dive in! I'll give you a few minutes to have a quick look....
OK, so now you're back reading this again here's a breakdown on a couple of the site's elements.
The new message board can be accessed from the home page, you'll need to log in to post any messages so do it and get posting! This will also be the ONLY place you can have your questions answered by the band.
The discography is still a work in progress and will be updated regularly until it builds into THE definitive TOY DOLLS discography on the web. Please keep sending your scans and information.
A big thank you to everyone who's sent stuff in up to yet, and an extra special shout goes out to Daniel Toom for his help so far.
For all of you who requested guitar tabs on the website we have a special surprise for you! If you haven't found it yet then keep browsing - it'll be time well spent!
To coincide with the launch of the website we've got a great competition lined up for you. Click here for more details.
The Latest News
As some of you will be aware, the new TOY DOLLS album is going to be called "Our Last Album?". Olga is busy writing it as you read this and it's scheduled for release in the Summer of 2004. Keep checking back for updates on how the album is shaping up.
The next TOY DOLLS world tour will begin in October 2004 and we can reveal that there will be a live show filmed for a DVD release sometime in 2004 - details coming soon.
We can also EXCLUSIVELY reveal that there's going to be a concept album/DVD that's likely to be released in 2005. Details on this are a bit sketchy at the moment but as soon as we hear anything you'll be the first to know.
The Website
This website will continue to grow, but it can only happen in a BIG way with your help. If you have absolutely any TOY DOLLS stuff you'd like to share with the world then please get in touch and let us know how you can help.

Finally, a personal note of thanks to everyone who's e-mailed, sent stuff, and sent me words of encouragement. Keep your comments coming, I love hearing from all of you and please let me know what you think of the site.