January 2012

Hello Olga, Many years ago I have seen you in Sneek at "Het Bolwerk" and I asked you to sign my t-shirt. You did so and I was a very very happy girl, nothing would make that feeling go away... Well, the next day my mom came at my room and threw the shirt away. How,... how...??  I hope I get to see and speak to you again on a concert and ask if you can sign my t-shirt again. So I can be that happy girl again =) Love, Peace and Joy, Ann-Lisa

Ann-Lisa Hi Sorry to hear your mom threw the shirt away! Maybe she was wiser than you think! I like the Bolwerk in Sneek, rockin’ little venue, I hope it will be included in the Dutch gigs this year! And YES of course I will sign your shirt again, make sure you hide it from yer mom next time!
Take Care

Hey Olga, Just a quick message from the miserable town of Grimsby. I've been a massive fan of your music for a few years now after hearing Nellie on the jukebox at our favourite drinking spot, and making a scene singing it god knows how many times. It's been rubbing off on my friends too, so we've got a bit of a Toy Dolls contingent going on up here! Only problem is, since they put a new jukebox in, they haven't got a single bit of Dolls on it, and we really miss it... would you be so kind as to ask the jukebox at The Barge to get some Toy Dolls on? If you do, I'll print it off and show it, then it might listen! Cheers! Kirkio, Grimsby

Ha, Kirkio, I don’t think it would do much good! I have heard of bands trying this kinda thing in the past! You should get a petition going and pass it on to landlord. Best o’ luck, and cheers for your support!

Hi there Olga, I'm an 'old' (42 years) Dutch Toy Dolls fan. Saw many of your shows in the early 90-ies in Amsterdam, Berlin and other places in Europe. Now I live in Sardinia, Italy and saw on YouTube you guys were here in August 2010 (in Villasor) and I missed it. Any chance of coming here again? There aren't too many good shows here and I need to get my old Doc's dusted of again! Thanks for the reply. Cheers, Guido

Sardinina is very nice Guido, I hope you enjoy it there. Not sure when we will be back there, but we had a lovely time in Villasor. I think we may be in the Netherlands in the Autumn, but I guess that's not much good to you!
Hope you can catch us somewhere.
Best wishes

I was just wondering what kind of music you listen to, maybe you could tell us some of your favourite bands? Thanks for your awesome music, always puts me in a good mood!

I like silence most of the time! Though I do occasionally listen to Ella Fitzgerald and Chet Baker.
Thank YOU.

Hey Olga! I’ m Lalla, from Italy! And I have to thank you because your music always cheers me up! There’s no way I could express what I actually feel when I’m listening to the toy dolls! It’ s the most happy and amazing feeling in the world! It might sound kinda hippy but I’d hug you guys if I only could! hahaha! So a big big big thank you! Ok now, I wanted to know something... What is the problem with “turtle crazy”? I really like that song and don’ t understand why it’s so embarrassing to you! Two years ago you performed at sziget festival and I was there! In the first line of course! I am the girl that gave you those weird glasses(hope you liked it!) and I wanted to thank you (again) for your kindness! It’s pretty rare nowadays! We took a picture and I tried to send it to the website but it hasn’ t been uploaded yet. Is the “fan gallery” closed or something? Are you going to play in Italy, Austria or Slovenia this year? Or maybe at sziget festival again?I hope so...I NEED a toy dolls gig! And last question, I want to get a toy dolls tattoo but I don’ t know what to do...any suggestion? I can’ t decide!!! hahaha! Thanks a lot! And sorry for the silly questions! Oh and “credit crunch christmas” is amazing! You never disappoint me!waiting for the whole album!!
Cheers from Italy!

Hi Lalla, Thank you! Its nice when someone says your music makes them so happy! Yeah, lets not talk about the awful Turtle Crazy! Ciaron told me that he is in the process of sorting the fan gallery and tattoo section, soon I hope! Hopefully Austria will be later in the year, gigs are being planned as we speak!
Thank you, I am proud of Credit Crunch Christmas!
Take care in Italy!

Hi Olga, I know that you are very busy and overworked musician. However I decided to bother you for a minute. I am 44 years old now and I remember very well when I was a university student, someone brought on one of the parties a record with nice fast and really energising music. That was your music :-) Since that day i joined the huge groups of your fans. Your music accompanied me for all this years and influenced my musical taste. I have increased your fans' numbers with my wife and my little son. Not to bore you any long I send a proof. Few photos with1,5 year old son listening to your "last tour" :-) Olga, when you are in Poland - come to my place for a pint of good polish beer :-) Marek

Hi Marek Yes, overworked! Especially answering all these questions! Joke! Thank you! Nice to have been a musical influence! Thank you for spreading the word! The Polish beer sounds mighty tempting at this moment!
Hope to see ya there!

Hey Olga & Toy Dolls!!! I'm Patrick called "Das Phantom der Träume" My Band IRON SNAG JOE is from Austria and we play Punkrock (german speaking, fun, horror, rock, punk, musical, theater) We love Toy Dolls, you are great. More than great.
My Question:
1. When are you going to come back to Austria, playing any concerts
2. Is it possible to support Toy Dolls?
We would do everything to get this chance. The Homepage from my band is www.snagrock.at hope you like our music sorry for my bad englisch =) greetings from the Land of the Kleine Nachtmusik Das Pahntom

Hi Patrick Best of luck with IRON SNAG JOE! I will check out your website. Hopefully Austria will be in the Autumn!
For support, its best to contact booking/management when any gigs get confirmed.
Thank you!

Hey Olga! I saw you guys here in California in '82 or '83 at the Concert Factory (formerly the Cookoo's Nest) in Costa Mesa; I heard that you guys might tour the "States" in 2012?  I am glad you guys are true to your sound...kinda like the UK Subs and the Buzzcocks.  More so, I always liked the fact the Toy Dolls dispelled the stigma of the Oi sound and/or movement. Big Fan, Anthony

Hi Anthony I love the Subs and The Buzzcocks! So thank you! No USA shows planned at the moment, but keep checking those tour dates!
Hope to see you soon!

Dear Olga, grown up in the 80s in East Germany I fondly remember the Toy Dolls song "Nellie the Elephant". What a great piece of music =)! Now it happened that a few days back for Xmas, four tiny artfully hand painted elephants from India showed up at our house. Together with your song they inspired me to make a "stop motion" movie which I just uploaded on YouTube and can be seen here (at least in the US and using a computer but not a mobile device): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8S4n656ICk I assure you, I'm not planning to make any money from this video but hope you and many other folks get some fun out of it. May I kindly ask your permission to continue to use this song for the video? If you have a look yourself, it just seems to be a perfect match.  Thanks Frank

Frank Hi Nellie the Elephant? Never heard of it! Ha, no problem with the music on video!

Hi Olga, my name is Roger. I have 30 years. I am a great lover of THE TOY DOLLS, I have a punk rock band with a lot of influence because of you. I am very happy because you are in Spain in May. My hope is simply that you receive my CD of my band, doing a cover of Nelly Elephant. And if you do a certain photo of the CD would be a dream for us. Give me an address where you can send the cd?   You add the song cover of NELLY!!!!!!! Thank you Olga! Long live TOY DOLLS !!!!!!!!

Hi there Roger, It would be great to hear your cover, you can just send it to this website: Address: Ciaron?
Or you could bring it to one of the shows in Spain! That's probably the easiest!
Look forward to it!

HI When you play in Brazil again? I saw you in 1988, 2006 and 2010, when you want to go here? Happy new years....... Best Regards Luiz

Luiz hi Wow, you saw all those tours! I am impressed! Maybe we will be back in 2014 ish! Happy new Year to you too! Olga

Hi Olga, My name is Daniel, Im 17 and a massive fan of The Toy Dolls, I first got into you after hearing the mighty ‘Dig That Groove Baby’ on Tony Hawks 4. I got a couple of your greatest hits when I was a kid, I adored it and im now building up my album collection By buying your albums when I can afford to J Im writing this from school while listening to Fat Bobs feet which I got yesterday J I was thinking and I wondered, whats your favourite Toy Dolls song?
My favourite is Poltergeist In The Pantry, but I also love Alfie From The Bronx and What She Had With Huey. Hopefully will come see you at one of your 2012 gigs J Thanks you guys, Your awesome :D

Daniel Hi, Thank you! My favourite album is Absurd ditties, and probably my favourite song is Decca’s Drinkin’ Dilemma, off the new album. “The Album After The Last one”. Not many people have mentioned What she had with Huey! Thank you for that! I quite like that one also! Enjoy Fat Bobs Feet!
Take care

Hey there, Olga! I'm a huge fan, and my awesome family got me Dig That Groove Baby on vinyl for my 16th birthday this year! I hate to be another annoying fan girl pestering for autographs and such, but I was wondering if it would be possible to get my album signed? If not, I completely understand, but thought I'd ask. Also, hoping you'll play here in the US in the future! Or maybe I can hitchhike to Spain? Endless possibilities. Hope you all nothing but the best for the new year. xoxo Katie Rose

Katie Hey I am glad to hear you like Dig that Groove baby! It's a special one for me, being our first album! Certainly I will sign it, Ciaron, our webmaster will advise you where to send it. He will make sure I get it.
Take Care