November 2011

Hallo !!
So firstly i have probably emailed the wrong link from website, so please don't get all cross with me BUT ... many years ago (2003 preeeeee-cisely) when i got married to my good husband (8 years on and still haven't killed each other) you very kindly arranged an autographed toy dolls print to be sent out to him, god bless ya.
so, 8 years on, and one very beautiful 4yr old daughter later - we have asked 'daddy' what he'd like for either his birthday or xmas (they both fall within christmas week so the lines get blurred). 
What do you get the man who has everything (by everything we of course mean ace wife and ace daughter) - skinny black jeans we thought, til he patched the ones he's had since about 1984 with the daughters old denim jacket.
Sooooooo.... in the many many years that have passed since the wild days of my hubbys youth (30+ ahem) his manic fondness of toy dolls has not faded - in fact, the most grown up thing he has been forced to do is to gradually replace all his toy dolls vinyl with cd (RIP vinyl!!) 
And on that note, the last album he needs to 'upgrade' is Bare faced cheek - everything else has now duly made it's way from plastic to ... whatever cds are made of.... 
So here is the killer question - happy to pay the spondoolies and all that (i am not freebie-seeking) but to make the 'man who has everything's xmas/bday pressie that little bit more special is there any way at all, at all, at all (compulsory - i'm irish) that you lovely peeps could work out a signed copy for me?
And/or no idea re release date but just saw on website that Olga and co also recording a new album (wowser - how to impress your hubby in one easy lesson!) - if that one is out before xmas can we do anything to get signed one of that....
Feel free to send a Bog off / jog on response - i promise not to sulk (tho the 4yr old daughter might have a right paddy)
Many thanks in advance
Kerry and Meg

Hello there Kerry & Meg. 8 years and still together, wow, nice one! And a daughter! Congrats! Unfortunately I don’t have any spare copies of any albums here! Though if you can get one I will more than happy to sign it. And Yes theres a new album out, but this will be in March 2012! So, if you do get yer hands on any vinyl you are after, then let me know, you can send them over and I can gladly sign em’ for ya. You could try Captain Oi, they keep quite o bit o’ Toy Dolls stuff. Just let me know Cheers for yer loyalty! I appreciate it.
Take Care

Hello my name is Dante from Argentina, I'm 24 years old. I wonder if you can come back in 2012 I want to see you alive! Well my question is: what do you dream?, tell me of a funny dream that you had when you sleep.  Good Luck!

Dante from Argentina hi! Maybe we will be back in 2012 or 2013, we love it there! Most of the time I dream have woken up and already finished training, then unfortunately I wake up, bah.

estimado olga cuando visitaras Chile??, toy dolls tene que venir por aca!

One day we will get there! Bear with us!

Dear Olga, please sent your toy dolls to berlin/ germany, we need they in concert! Your darling, Olgo

Olgo hi! I hope we can get back to Berlin later in 2012, we miss you!

Hi hi! A american here! I have an irregular question.(s) Why do ya have so many members!!!? And if its different reasons, could you list the reason they left in the members section? :) Last question, Do you have any buckfast? If so could I have it!? We dont have it in America'( <--sad face

That's a great idea about stating why each member has left in the member question, I will work on it, thank you for the idea!

hey olga just a quick blurb on the healing power of the toy dolls when i was a kid i was banged up in a pretty bad accident the upshot of which i spent nearly a year in the hospital. While Nellie might not be your favorite song of all time it cheered me up whenever it was played and got through a pretty bad time and still does in fact. Skip forward to present and a 6 year old who is profoundly deaf but has a cochlear implant loves the toy dolls and in fact wants to learn to play the drums so he can be in the band. Nellie was the first song he actually tried to sing after he had his surgery. Sorry about the ramble mate but i know with touring and hard work you put in sometimes it’s easy to forget the profound effect and good music can have on people. Thanks again and hopefully we can both see you in toronto sometime down the road. Cheers mate Andy and stewart

Andy & Stewart Thank you, good to know our music can be put to some good use! Toronto is one of those places I am itching to get to! Thank you so much for your message.

Hi Olga, Have you ever thought of doing Pachelbel's Canon in D? James Cort

No, but I am gonna check it out now! Ta

Hello Olga, Toy Dolls played here (Brasil) last year. Are you gonna play here next year? Please say yes. Come to Curitiba, don't forget this city name ok? :D We are all huge fans... C ya and thank you again. Lucas Eduardo

Olgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Its been too long!! my boy wants to see you live too!! when oh when are u gonna play the NorthEast again? or even better...CARLISLE???! Mike

Mike hi Not sure about UK dates just at the moment, though its early days regarding 2012 shows, it would be nice to visit the north east again of course, bit nervous though!

Hi Olga, My Name is Michael And I Come from Sunderland (UK) obviously , And I Just wanted to know do you ever plan to coming back here ? It seems pretty boring with no actual punk it's all just crap from the charts please its an SOS. Please keep up the good work. Thanks (And can't wait for the new album and why call the last album "Our Last Album")

Michael Hi Same answer as above really! Re your 2nd question, you already wrote the answer! Coz it was our last album!

Olga, Its Dave here, Colin’s (Mr Scotts) son. The question…….when are you returning to sunny Sunderland? Think it would be great to see you back in your old hunting ground and see some of the former members (NOT NEIL!! haha as we all know “how to deal with Neil”).  I have the smallest memory of seeing you last when you came to the old sods 40th at the Mountain Daisy in Milfield haha. Hope its all going great though and you’ve never bloody aged haha. Keep up the good work. Dave Scott


Hello Olga, my name is Daniel and I have 14 years. I and my father are very fans of the toy dolls and wanted to know when the next tour in Brazil. I live in Curitiba and last year you give me a autograph, but I have not the opportunity to go to the show, because the rating was 18 years.
ps:look the photo

Hi Daniel, hopefully you will be old enough next time we get back to Curitiba! Good picture, if I may say so meself!

Hello olga. my name is Ario, i'm from Indonesia. i love your music very much!! i know you will never come to Indonesia, but some i will see your show in other country. i hope you remain healthy until that time. and i will pray for you to be given longevity, so the world can listen to your music and see your awesome concert. take care olga, you are my inspiration. cheers..

Maybe we wont get to Indonesia, but who knows, it took us around 7 years to get to Japan!, so hopefully it will happen in the future. Thank you for your nice message.
Take care