October 2011

Hello Olga! My name is Johan. I'm from Karlskrona (Sweden). I'm a member in a musicpalce in Karlskrona named "Oden" and i know you guys played there in the 80's. My dad was there and described it like a amazing show. I have listened to your music all my life and I would just love to see a live show with Toy Dolls! So my question is, Are you coming to Sweden soon or WHAT!?  // Cheers from Pancake the punk

Hi there Johan/Pancake the Punk!, I remember Karlskrona was well Rockin! Please say thank you to your Dad! How the hell old am I !? The last time in Sweden for us was at the Augustibuller festival in 2007, we had a great time, I really hope we can back to other parts of Sweden when the new album comes out in 2012! Cheers to you and yer Dad!

Hi Olga, My name is Danny, I'm 10 years old and i'm , just my Daddy,  a big fan of the Toy Dolls. When will the new album come out? And when do you come to Holland to do some concert? In 2007 i saw you play from a far distance at huntenpop festival. My favorite songs are: Nelllie the elephant, I've got asthma, Spiders in the dressing room, the final countdown and me 'n' John Williams. Greetings Danny

Danny Hi My God, you fans are making me look old! 10! Wow, nice to hear from you! We should be back in Holland in 2012, after the album release, lookin’ forward to seeing you there! Cheers for coming to Huntenpop also! a great festival. Take Care

Hey! My name is Hugo Valente I'm from Portugal, last night I saw you guys perform in Spain at the Rock In Way Festival, it was a very nice performance and I dance and sing all the concert so thank you for that experience. But the reason I'm sending this email is to ask you why did you guys don't perform in Portugal no more, we have one of the best audiences in the world and there is toy dolls fans everywhere and Portugal its not and exception. Remember when you perform in Hard Club at Oporto? I was to young at the time and I miss it, and now that I'm age enough to see you perform I have to go to Spain. lol Please come and visit us we are waiting for you! :) With Best Regards Hugo Valente

Hey Hugo! Thank you for coming to the Rock in way festival! A nice night indeed! We love Portugal, and we have been trying to find a promoter to bring us back again! Well, what a coincidence, our management are actually in talks with Portuguese promoters this week!! Hopefully we should have some news for you regarding a show or two in Portugal in 2012 very soon! Watch this space! By the way, Oporto is totally rockin’ and a beautiful place, I will never forget it.

Hello Olga, I just wanted to express my appreciation for the concert Getafe (Spain). Thank you, thank you for the effort, by attitude and rock. Great band, great show and great experience. I saw many years ago in Zaragoza (Spain) and only hope to return to your concert in 2012 with the new album. And thanks for playing "i canned", you made my daughter happy. Heartfelt thanks, thank you very much. Loren1972

Hi Loren What a lovely message, thank you so much! We do intend on returning to Spain in 2012 with the new album. Hope to see you there. Many thanks again.

Hi Michael.?I would like to know?What time does the work in the studio.?What time you finish work in the studio.?Why commute by bus?

Wow, not many people call me Michael! We start at 10.30am in the studio, working all day. Going by bus is the quickest and easiest way to be honest, I can catch it near my flat, and the bus arrives just a few hundred meters from the studio! Albeit almost 2 hours later! Cheers

Hi Olga, Let me first introduce myself a bit to let you better understand my questions and prepare better answers than :) So I'm Pelcu (ordinary Pole living in Poland) being a fan of Toy Dolls since early 80's when I was 15 (or something). You know... Times was hard (we have limited access to international radio or tv stations... no Internet at all!), but I have a friend, who has an older brother, who has a friend and his aunt lived in UK :) And one day he brought us some british casette tape with one crazy song: Nelly The Elephant :) How fresh and mindblowing it was in those gray, sad times in Poland!  I was waiting impatiently for each new song and new Toy Dolls album through all those years. And each of them brought some fun and light to my life but also soul and heart sustain together with good memories. Till now I still listen you Lads, but now together with my 16 years old kids :) History turns over. Funny? No? But still waiting impatiently to each single song of TTD! And now the questions time: could you be so kind and record new albums often then 1 per 5 years?! Let's say 1 per year or two. You know... we are not getting younger, and when there is no new album for 2 years I could think you already have died... What in return could makes me die, what is not your intention probably, is it? So can we have a deal? Can you promise me that? Do you even thought lately to maybe visit Poland? It could be the last chance to let those few fans left here see you live in concert :) Don't miss that opportunity and please let me know timeliness when set :) Olga, in some very old interview you answered the question "What's your favourite drink?" You answered "Alkazelcer". Is it still your favourite drink? Thanks for listening to me so patiently, cheers, Pelcu

Hi Pelcu Thank you very much, I am so glad you liked the albums & stuff! And cheers for introducing your 2 16 year olds to Toy Doll world! Yeah, I take the hint! It has been a while since Our Last Album! and I will endeavour to get the next one completed a bit quicker! And yes we always hope to get back to Poland, we are just waiting for our management to arrange something!! Hopefully sooner rather than later! Got to tell you that me favourite drink now is Lemsip (Colds and Flu drink) Take care, and Poland is always in our thoughts, we had a wicked time there land we really wanna get back!

Hi Olga! I'm a big fan from the UK, really looking forward to the new album next year! Is there an exact release date yet? I was wondering,is there an address to send fan mail to? i would love a signed photo to hang on my wall ..

Wow, a UK fan! Thank you! We don't have an exact release date just yet, Spring time is the plan. Precise release date will be announced on this website soon. There's no fanclub as such anymore, but I will certainly sign anything if ya can get to a show! Meantime, you could try entering this months competition! Cheers again