September 2011

hello olga and the rest of the toy dolls, my name is chelsea and am from newcastle jarrow) uk. i have been your fans since i was very little, i have all your singles and albums, you have send me a post card with badges on becasue there were no tops let. i also got sign off one of you, when there worked in a music shop in sunderland. enuff all that am wighting to ask when will you be playing in the uk, i would love to come and see you, and being a young cant eford to go around the world to see you,
please get back to me one of your bigg fans :) x

Hi there Chelsea, greetings to Jarrow!
The Toy Dolls live shows are gonna be next year, I am not sure about the UK just yet, fingers crossed it will happen!
Cheers for buying the singles and stuff!
Take Care

Hello, I'm sending this Nelly Elephant's cover. We are a Punk Rock group from Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona; Spain) and we would like much that you were publishing together with other covers. LONG LIFE TO TOLL DOLLS, thank you. 

Thank you! I will check it out! Good luck with the band! Hope to see you in Spain soon!

Hey Olga, I’m 15 and I live in England, I am learning to play the bass guitar and I’m going to try to learn some of The Toy Dolls songs, with the help of my dad who plays guitar and bass. I love you guys and think your music is ace. I wanted to ask you which artists did you like when you where growing up and who made you want to be a musician. Thanks, Take care, Hannah x

Hannah Hi
Well, me in particular, I was influenced by Suzi Quatro, Slade and Mud in the early days, then all the early Punk bands.
Yeah, most of the stuff from the 1970s I guess! God I sound old!
Being bullied at school was the main reason for wanting to be a musician however!
Good luck with the playing.
Take Care

Hey Olga ! 
So I've been waiting soooo long for the new album hope you'll finish it soon can't wait to hear it then :) sciattica sucks or however the name goes was quite catchy :D  Great work you do I love it but besides I wanted to ask you which tele I could buy it should be similar to yours but should have a price from 700 - 1000 Euros would be glad if you could recommend me any. Hopefully your's Alex and when you start touring please come back to Austria :)

Yo Alex
Thank you, I hope its gonna be worth the wait, ha!
I would go for an older Tele, and a one made in USA if you can find one cheap enough!
Maybe a Vintage 52 Model.
Yeah, it would be nice to get back to Austria!

Hi Olga One big fan from Alicante (Spain). Im really excited waiting your new album. Do you think come to Spain again? I have two little doughters , but if you are going to play near, i'll go. i had never saw your show, and it's the only concert i want to go. Best Regards

Hopefully the Spanish tour will be early 2012, though we do have 2 festivals there this year!
September 9th and 10th, Madrid and Santiago, check the tour dates! They may be near you! Hope to see you there!

Hy Olga, I'm your big fan from Croatia, you are the best... Will you ever come to Croatia again? And one more thing i forgot..Do you really have an asthma? Be so good as you were till now :)

Hi, YES we will be back in Croatia at some point, we miss you!
And YES I do have asthma unfortunately, but Hey, I have an inhaler, so its not that bad!
Take Care

Hi Olga, You do the best version of Ghost Riders I've ever heard but I have scoured every site on the entire internet and cannot find anywhere where I can buy a download the track. Any help? Many thanks Philip

Philip Hi
Thanks for that, though I was never really keen on our version!
It was never recorded actually, only on a video, WERE MAD, live in Blackpool.
Many moons ago!
Hope that helps a bit!

Hi Olga. Just a couple of quick things. I didnt realise that on your web site that you have the guitar lessons, blimey what a breath of fresh air to actually have the guitar genius letting us know how to play the songs. Its incredible and i dont know anyone who would take time to show the fans the guitar licks , as all the tab that i search for isnt correct (eg The glenda and the test tube baby says E major, and i have now learned from your video its E minor) so i can stop tearing my hair out now i know i wasnt going mad. You know the lead break in that song, what chords do i play over that section please? Thats my only question and i would just like to say again that there aint many people like you who take time to show the fans how you work your magic and from the very first time i saw you on "the tube" on channel 4, i have always been a fan, and lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllong may your musical magicery continue.
Thanks Ian

Hi Ian
Thanks for that, yeah, the guitar lesson take a bit of making, but we think it's a nice addition to the website too!
The chords that go with the Glenda lead break are:
Ab, Db, Eb, REPEAT.
Any help!?

Hey Olga... Just wondering in what you think of the "honour olga" and "toy dolls for rebellion" pages on facebook at the moment... Bill

Hi Bill
I haven’t actually seen these pages! There’s no official Toy Dolls Facebook page as yet, there will be soon though!
I will try to check out those pages ya mentioned however!