July 2011
I'm a norwegian girl from Norway, living in Norway (oooh, that's a lot of Norway!) Some of my favourite bands are Iron Maiden and AC/DC. I've seen them lots of times, that means Brian Johnson and his gang two times and Bruce Dickinson and his gang about 10 times. Last time, just a week ago, I love them. But the best conecert I've ever attendet was the Toy Dolls at this little place called So What some years ago. I cannot forget this. This is british music and music at its best. When KISS went to Norway they expected people to pay about 900 norwegian krones to see them play live. A lot of people did. It did not.There's something very very very wrong about this. In norwegian prices I could see KISS once, or for the same price I could see you play live 10 times. Well, I've seen KISS once, I've pay my jews. Now, I'd like to see you live - again, again, again and once AGAIN. When are you getting back to Norway ? Olga, I miss you and the rest of the Toy Dolls. Please come back and make some fisticuffs in Frederic Street! Love you guys, you're brilliant! missMythe

Miss Mythe Hi, I am flattered, thank you for comparing us to such megastars! We will be back in Norway, sit tight! Cheers for your patience!

Hey Olga, Just wondering if you could tell me a little more about your gorgeous telecaster it looks like a 70s one to me ? also is it set up by the legendary Les Tones? Cheers Steve

Hi Steve, My Telecaster is from 79/80, and was indeed set up by Les Tones, never heard him being called legendary mind ya! Though I guess he is really! The guitar was originally sunburst, booooring! I thought anyway! Its been Yellow since 1982/3. A Fender Telecaster USA.
Take care

ooollgaaaa!! Im a 16 year old kid in Orange County, California. Dont think youve ever played in southern california...please do after the albums release! Also, do you have a fanmail address? Id love to send you a letter or something. Only if youre okay with writing back! Thanks, now im going to go throw a fit and hide in the bathroom!!!

Helllllooooo! We do hope to get back there, always a wicked time in San Diego and that area. Ha, enjoy yourself in the bathroom!

Hello Olga. How are you? :) I just wanna first tell ya that I'm so happy that my brother showed me The Toy Dolls when I was around 9 - 10 years old. Now I'm 28 and still love you guys! :) Is there any chance that you one day can come to Norway? :) I would love too see ya live, and if there is any chance have a hug from you guys! :) I bet my brother would love too see ya too :D Where do you get all of your sunglasses? I would love to get some myself. ;P Do you have any plans to sell any Toy Dolls T-shirt for girls? :D I look forward to the new album. :) And finally, sorry for my bad English. -Eldbjørg from Norway!-

Eldbjørg Hi! Thank you. We have played Norway many times, rockin’! good chance we will be back after the album is released in 2012. Sunglasses are picked up throughout the world! I have been given quite a few pairs also! Regarding T Shirts for girls, YES! Check the website shop here….(link) there’s some really nice new designs just been added! Hope to see you in Norway soon

Hi Olga, I have a three month old baby, and the ONLY song that stops her crying EVERYTIME, and can even get her to sleep is ' fisticuffs in Frederick street'. She even likes to watch it in you tube, its hysterical! I would be happy to film this for you if you like? Just checking there are no subliminal messages in the song that may program her for naughtiness in the future? You'll be pleased to know that here in Australia word is spreading!! Cheers Tim

Tim Hi Good that “Fisticuffs” has come in useful! Ha! Yeah, get a clip across to me, or up on You tube! We wanna get to Australia!

Hey Olga! Thanks for the amazing show in Belgium last year! I really hope to see you guys again when your new album comes out! Are you only playing festivals? Or is there a possibility to play a club show? Because Pukkelpop is really expensive just for one band. But you were totally worth it though! But I hope you will play a club show in the future, much more fun! :) Cheers! Lukas

Bonjour ! My cocker spaniel and I just wanted to wish you guys all the best for the recording ahead. Hope you'll enjoy yourself while concocting that fresh cocktail of undiluted joy and energy for us !Good cheer to you ! You're the best ! Estelle

Bonjour Estelle! Undiluted joy eh! Cheers for that! Thank you, the recording is going swimmingly! Rockin’! enjoying every minute infact! Cheers to your Cocker Spaniel also!

Hey Olga, We are The Maverick Rejects, a young punk band from yours truly South Shields and really want to cover Fiery Jack either for our next demo album or at our gig in Bents Park with Joe McElderry next month. I've looked all over and can't find any guitar tab so we were wondering if you had a copy somewhere or you would submit a video of you playing it slowly-ish and we could learn to play it! If you wanted to see us play it's on the 24th July in Bents Park (we would be the only half decent music mind!). Not sure if your still in Shields but worth an ask i thought!!
Cheers Mate! Tom Condon of The Maverick Rejects

Yo Tom! I hope all is well up there in Shields! Its been a while, but I would love to get back to see some o’ the old places, blah blah… I guess Fiery Jack is already on the guitar lessons, if not then I will be doing it next time around, maybe a bit late for your show on 24th July, sorry! Hope it all goes/went well! Best of luck with The Maverick Rejects.

I go to the Rebellion festival in Blackpool every year, I always hope one day the Toy Dolls will be announced to play, please make 2012 extra special and come to Blackpool in august.....I can't afford to travel to Europe as yous seem to play there more than UK.I am a big fan,I only recently spent £25 on a signed photo of the band on Amazon,,
cheers John

John Hi Cheers for your message. There’s always a chance we will make Rebeliion! Thats all I can say at the moment really! £25.00 for a photo, a snip! Ha! Hope to see you in the UK in 2012.

Hey Olga, what pickups and what amp are you using? I would like to have that sound that you have. I have a Tele. Thanks in advance, Oliver.