April 2011

Hi amazing Toy Dolls. I'm Marco from Italy and I'm a newbie guitarist. I'd like  to play your songs with my two friends but i have some problems with some of these, particularly with the songs of which there isn't any tablature or an Olga tutorial. the songs are:-
Olga i cannot. there is a video in which i think that i have understand the chords that Olga use. Are A5 - E5 - D5 POWER CHORDS  and an A chords played at 5 th fret. Can you confirm my opinion? Will you create any tutorial for this song?
Lambrusco kid. I need a tutorial or a tablature at least.
She goes to Finos, Dougy Gyro. i need the Bass tablature. my bassist is more expert than me then he don't need the tutorial.
Thank you very much for all your music!! Marco
P.S. when you return in Rome? the show in Circolo degli artisti was amazing!!!

Hi Marco, thank you, we really enjoyed Rome last year! Cheers for coming. As for the tutorials, I believe I have covered these songs, check out the guitar lesson page, if you have any problems/questions, please let me know! Unfortunately we don’t have the bass tablature here, maybe somewhere on the internet however! I will check.
Thank YOU!

Hi Olga! Is there any chance for you guys to film the recording of the new album? It would be a thrill see you guys in the the studio. Cheers! Ola from Sweden

Hi Olga, I'm Freddy from Italy... some day ago I had an idea... i'll try to explain it... i thought that you could make a list of the toy dolls songs that you never ever played live, than put this list on your website and give the chance to your fans to vote 3 of them... finally, after a couple of months, you close the vote and the three songs with the bigger number of votes could be included in your live shows in the future. Let me know what do you think about it. Thanks and sorry if my english is not perfect! bye bye :-)

Hi Freddy, I will think on this, sounds interesting! Thank you for the idea!
Take care

Hi! I'm writing to you to confirm that I actually received Olga's scratchplate yesterday. Thank you very much. I'm very happy!!! Gregorio E. Domínguez (not "De Laferrere" :D ) From Buenos Aires

Gregorio Hi Well done! And thank you for letting us know!

Hello Olga, I am a bass player and I'm dying to learn a lot of Toy Dolls bass grooves.  I just don't have enough time to either pick 'em out by ear or watch Goober's lessons.  What I was wondering is if you've ever thought about releasing some of your albums for bass, guitar, and drums on sheet music to the public.  You can just sell them at the online shop if thats all you can do.  I think a lot of musicians who are into your music and wanna learn your songs would love the idea of that. Sean

Sean Hi This is another good idea! I recently met a guy who can write everything up in sheet music, I will talk to him to see what he thinks.

Hi Olga, Where are the tour dates for 2011? Love to see you again somewhere in the Netherlands... Cheers, Adriaan. 

I know you sir are very busy with the new CD and I think thats great but looking back through the tour dates I never saw too many U.S. dates? I'm just an 18 year old Mexi-Punk from Texas and there's few bands that I find it necessary to see live at least once and you guys are a must. You're fun, fast and Punk. You guys ****ing rock.

Hey! I keep saying it, but we will get back to the USA eventually!, we always have a wicked time there! Bear with us!

Would it be possible to do future guitar lessons with looser trousers on as its a tad off putting studying your playing while your meat and two veg are painfully obvious in shot, or have your guitar lower down. Cheers Dave Wolverhampton

Ha! Cheers Dave, not something I have noticed! Will take note!

Hi Olga... Do you come to Brazil, more specifically to Curitiba, this year? Please come on and try to enjoy our city spending some time... Please stay one day or more... Thank you c ya!!! Our Christmas is very nice, here is lot of children singing... Lucas Eduardo ;)

Hi Lucas With us playing South America in 2010, means we wont be back this year! But we will return! To Curitiba also! it would be great to stay longer if possible!!
Take care

Olga, I would like to know how a long time American fan like I am can get a hold of your music as it is not available for purchase on your website that I can find and I really would love to get some of your classics; dig that grove baby, diedre's a slag, my wife's a psychopath, I've got athsma, etc.. Thank you, Robyn Hastonhi!

Robyn Hi You can get most of the albums from Captain Oi. Good luck !

it's Maja & Tina (we met in Croatia and Slovenia in case you might remember :)). Why don't you make facebook profile? No one uses myspace anymore :P. Hope you come again soon to Croatia and/or neighbour countries. I (Maja) made a painting of you, it's in the attachment so you can see it :). Cheers Maja & Tina

Maja & Tina hi! Of course I remember! I hope you are both well. Thank you for the nice painting! I will think on making a FACEBOOK page at a later date, I know there’s an unofficial one out there. And YES, we will be back in Croatia at some point!
Take care

Hey Olga, what album has the song  "Olga I Cannot"? I can't find it. Thank you! Lucas Eduardo

Lucas Hello Olga I cannot is the B side of James Bond Lives down our street (Single) A bit difficult to get now! It is also on The Toy Dolls The History album, also not so easy to obtain! Best o’ luck!

Hey Olga I must say I'm a bit anxious about chatting to you because I've listened to the Toy Dolls since I was 14 and I'm 34 now! My first Toy Dolls experience was Wakey Wakey and as a learning guitarist I was inspired by your blazing riffs! Your songs are written to relate to people and always make me crack a smile or laugh! Over the years I've collected more LPs, albums and CDs but it's so awesome that you've stayed around for so many years. I wrote this to ask if you are planning a tour to the southern hemisphere? I live in western Australia but would happily make the trip to the East coast just to see you guys play! Thanks and look forward to the new album. Mike D

Hi Mike Thank you so much! Great to know we have been an inspiration! We would love to get to Australia at some point!! Nothing planned just yet, but lets wait n’ see!
Cheers again

Had tickets to see you at the shelter in detroit when i was too young to drive and my friend with the tickets never showed up!!!! (still have the damn ticket on my wall) Hope you come back some day love the music and would love to cross you guys off my bucket list. best wishes eric

Hey Eric, not much of a friend eh!? We will be back.
Take care

*I have answered the following question in sections, as its sooooo long! Olga*

1: Adulthood is a wreck ! It had almost caused me to forget about the Toy Dolls for the last five or ten years. The bright side of it is that, now I found my way back to my ‘pathetic’ punk soul (thanks Schultz / Parabellum for shooting us this salutary cover of “Dig that groove” last week in Bergerac), I can re-discover you as frenetically as I did the first time. Your band means much more than mere musical enjoyment to me, it's not far from being a kind of emblem of my teenage years, almost a whole way of thinking and considering things, that tastes of laughter and freedom and some very selective, personal but powerful form of respect and generosity. At least, a devouring appetite for life and whatever is good in it. Sorry for forgetting all that ! I solemnly swear I will never become too serious again.

Well, welcome back to Toy Doll World! Good to have ya back, thanks Schultz!

2: I’ve already started an intensive cure : I've been waking up howling “Glenda” every morning for more than a week now. Unfortunately I have no neighbors to sod, that would have added to my jubilation. Your voice and guitar are just a thrill, the best energizers I ever knew, definitely.

Hey, thank you! That's not what the neighbours tell me!

3: Now I know you've started the recording of a new album, oh Olga I cannot... wait to hear from you... OK, OK, I owe you five or ten years, I can wait a few weeks or months longer. Meanwhile, there's something I'd like to know : where do you take inspiration from ? I mean, I can guess you like singing about all of us wacky people in this wacky world, but my question concerns your lyrics and the sound of them. Is it some sort of constraint you deliberately impose on yourself when writing ? Do you fuel this taste for ‘snap-crackle-and-pop’ language by reading, for example ? Poetry, perhaps ? Or do you just use words that come spontaneously to you as musical material, no matter what the meaning really is (which I doubt)? Besides, have you ever thought about how difficult it is for us non-English sympathizers to understand a single word of what you say at once, or, even when we have learned the text by heart, to sing along with you during the gigs (and I’m not mentioning the accent and speed) ?

We haven’t actually started recording yet, though the album is written, we are in rehearsals most days now. Inspiration comes from friends, illness, girls, shopkeepers, soap operas, everywhere! I guess the lyrics are a kind of constraint, but I would only write what I enjoy writing. I have thought about how difficult it is for some to understand who’s mother tongue isn’t English, in which case I do endeavour to make the melodies as nice as possible to make up for this!

4: Second question (or third, maybe more) : what do you think of that phrase ‘pathetic punk’ ? I never quite understood it. Maybe the meaning is different in French, but it sounds a bit...patronizing to me. All that people in your songs may be burlesque, but ‘pathetic’ sounds pejorative and condescending. I came across a site where they called you a ‘cartoon punk’ band. Doesn’t this fit you better ?

Yeah, I am not that keen on the phrase “Punk Pathetique” may be coz I never quite understood it either! Cartoon punk does fit better I guess!

My last question is not a question really, barely an alternative : if you come and play anywhere in the south-west of France, I promise to shower you with black truffle and red Bordeaux or Bergerac wine till the end of your life. Otherwise... I'll kidnap Nellie the elephant. I'm in earnest ! You don't know what a re-born punk soul is capable of, especially a non-pathetic one.

I’m afraid my English may have been as dusty as my Oxford dictionary, and my message far too long and full of words that don’t really exist in English and of parenthesis that were not really necessary. And of “and”s. Sorry for that, also. Thank you for all, anyway, and... well, as I was born in ‘79 too, I may be too old to ask you for adoption, and perhaps too young to ask for your hand, neither of which I’m afraid you would really consider. Yet, if I dared, I‘d be sincerely happy to be allowed to offer you my biggest and kindest and most tender virtual hug. But I wouldn’t dare, would I ?

Take care,


Merci Estelle! Your English is fantastic, better than mine for sure! Hug accepted!
Will look forward to the truffle and Bordeaux!
Hope to see you there

Hallo my Master!!! ?At first, sorry for my english. ?I have one and only one question. Can i ever see you in Poland? I waiting a long, long time, sometimes i looking "tour" on your webside and i steel can't see "Poland" in tour dates.
I steel belive and live in hope! ?Thank you in advance for your reply. Your fan from Poland ?CIBOR

Hi Cibor I would love to see Poland back on the tour dates, its been a long time, and we had great time there many moons ago, I really hope it will happen.

Hello! Love the Toy Dolls! My question is, do you like football? And if so, which time do you support? Scott, Newcastle

Yo Scott from Newcastle, I have started to get into football a little more recently, no favourite team as such, but I enjoy a good match, mainly when the World Cup is on, when I avoid watching England!
Cheers Olga