February 2011
Hi Olga, A long long time ago, you uploaded 5 demos from the forthcoming album on your myspace. These songs were really good and seem to be finished but few months after, you say that you are still writting for the new album. So why does it take so long time to write stuff which seem to be already finished ? Are you a perfectionist ?
And another question : the demos were recorded with a drum machine. What drum machine do you use ?
See you soon ! Florian

Hello, William from Belgium here. I guess I just wanna say what your music means to me. I've known the toy dolls music for over 14 years now and I listen to all kinds of punk. From nofx to ramones to GBH to...  well you know,.... all kinds of. Not gonna name all of them. But I was going trough my cd collection a few months ago and I found a few off the toy dolls and I tell ya. There's nothing quite like the smile you get on your face from a toy dolls song. Weither it's bad weather or things go wrong. This are pretty cold days for me. Not enough cash for this, paying bills for that. But it always gets me back on me feet, you know. pretty emo...I know. Anyway, keep on going. Don't ever stop man. And I was wondering if you could remember the solo from the "Brian Clough" song and put it on your website. Cheers... merry christmas and a happy newyear. ....  Willy

Well hello William from Belgium! Thank you, I am pleased to hear that The Toy Dolls put a smile on yer face! No plans to stop just yet! Maybe next week! Actually I did record Clough is a bootboy solo in the new batch of guitar lessons! Lucky for you! Hope you also had a good festive period and Happy New Year to you too!

Dear Olga, You rock, You kick-ass! You're my dopest rocker I've ever know, in my twenty-five year old time of beïng on the planet, ehm what i've said? Old time??? Kidding! I want to know if you're ready to rock in the Holland where I can't wait to see you guy's on the stage! I've get all your guys music and I love it. A couple years backwards I've get it from an old friend who said it's loving music, well... guess what... IT IS. From that time i've listened your music a lot, even when i'm typing this mail I listen to you guys! I hope you will and can answer on this. Good time and have a good new rockin' year! Cheers, Jeroen from Holland p.s. I've played on a band also, who's called Nas Drovje, what simply means cheers in polish. I've played on that band for five years and I've had a lot of fun playing on it as a drummer. We were a ska/punk band with jazz, blues, rock, metal and reggae influences. It waqs loving, too bad we were not on the stage rocking with you guys, that was like a dream for me... but too bad... next life better time :P Cheers!

Jeroen Hi First of all best of luck with Nas Drovje! Good news that you enjoy it so much, that's what its all about! Thanks for your kind words also! Really lookin forward to seeing you in the Netherlands next time around! We miss Holland!
Take care

Hello Olga, I tried to find a Toy Dolls bluray show in the web but I couldn't find any. Is there a complete video show that I could buy? Because I am tired seeing youtube videos without quality... Curitiba, Brasil... Thanks for the last year gig. C ya, Lucas Eduardo ;)

Hi Lucas! Greetings to you and everyone in Curitiba, great city, great people! There is a Live in Japan DVD somewhere on the internet, and Secret Records have OUR LAST DVD? Available, (not the best video in the world though) There is also “WERE MAD” DVD somewhere on the internet also, worth checking out! See you again in Curitiba!

Hi mr. Olga When are you and you mates, planning on drop by Norway? Your music is a lot of fun. I presented Nellie the elephant to my friends new years eve, and they enjoyed it quite a lot. We stood on the couches and danced to your faboulous arm dance =) Keep up touring and presenting new music Best regards Marius

Hi Marius We will be back in Norway at some point! Its been a while! You crazy people ruining those couches! Ha! See up there! Soon I hope!
Take care

Oi! Oi! Olga, I hope 2011 is finding you and the lads well. I was just wondering what you thought on Coronation Street's 50th Anniversary spectacle? Great wasn't it! Take it easy and hope to see you on stage soon. Craig, London P.S. Can't wait for the new album!

Hi Olga, I was wondering if you guys are thinking of heading up to Canada sometime, more specifically Winnipeg, Manitoba? I would love to see you guys! I'm just a teenager, not even out of school yet, so it would be really fantastic to see you play as I'm not getting out of here anytime soon. Cheers, Natascha

Hi Natascha Canada is just one of those places we have still not managed to play! I really hope it happens at some point, we get a lot of mail from your country, we wanna get there!
Thank you

Happy new year Sir, ok,straight in with these little gems.  
#1....Did you have a promotion company called "Fly Promotions",& it was through this that "The Macc Lads" got started?
#2....How often do you venture out to a cafe to have a full english to start your day?
#3....Before the TD`S name came along,were you going to be called the "Toy Kings"? 
#4....When you get paid for a tour,do you just get a fixed sum at the beginning,a percentage of the net profit,a set amount per gig,or is some other payment system used? 
#5....You once said that you get the final say on a recording before it`s release,but you also criticise the work after release.I just wondered why you let it go to print if your not entirely satisfied? 
Take a breather Olga,only a few to go.Heres a few for fun 
#6....What is your most prized piece of music memorabillia,which isnt TD`S related? 
#7....If you could keep one item from coronation street,what would it be & why? 
#8....Chinese or indian,& what would your meal normally be? 
#9....Do you have a favourite tv chef,& do you like to cook at home?also what is your signature dish? 
Finally Sir,thanks for your time,& one last question 
#10....If you could have your TD`S time over,would you change anything,or do anything different? 
Many thanks Olga, Cheers Olgacrackcorn

Olga Crackcorn! Good to hear from you! Ok, I will do me best to answer your questions/interview! Ha
1: Indeed I did have a promotions company called FLY PROMOTIONS! Though The Macc Lads began long before I started Fly!
2: Ahhh, a full English, sounds great, I usually try to do this once a month, other times it's a pint of water, 2 pints of smoothies, whole meal bread x 2 slices, vitamins E, C and cod liver oil, borrrrrring! I might just do a full English this weekend now you come to mention it! Yummy!
3. Yes, we were almost The Toy Kings, sounds crap now I think about it! Ha, it was my daft idea also!
4. Never you mind Mr Crackcorn! ! You the taxman or what!?
5. Good question! Usually it's a few months after an album is released before you can tell how good or bad it is, having a bit of time away from it, and hearing it without being so closely involved as when you are actually producing it is the best time to judge it. It always seems like your best album when you are busy working on it! Does this answer yer question!?
6. Probably my Ella Fitzgerald album, I listen to it more than anything else! Next to Chet Baker.
7. Mmmm, I guess Blanches glasses (RIP) the show just isn’t the same without her, a fantastic actress and a great character. The specs would be something to remember her by. Though I would settle for any piece of Carlas clothing!
8. Chinese wins hands down for me! Everytime!
9. I like Rick Stein, and that Chinese lass too! I am trying to learn to cook! My signature dish, oh, at the moment, Pasta alla carbonara.
10.Yeah, I wouldn't bother! Ha,really… Mensi from the Angelic Upstarts once told me he enjoyed every minute of being in the band, I thought what a wonderful thing to be able to say, and on reflection I can gladly say the same!