December 2010

Hi master! I could watch his show again in Sao Paulo Brazil! Awesome! I would ask the chords of the intro Anniversay Anthens and the solo of the Ernie had a Hernia. Thank you! PS: It was very funny when the show you could not open the tube of serpentine on Lambrusco Kid! Hahahah. Hugs! Tico.

Hi Tico Cheers! Yeah, all kindsa problems that night! Along with the unexploding bottle, ha! It was sooooo hot! I may do Ernie and Aniversary anthems on a future guitar lesson! Look out for it! I cant remember those chords at the moment however!! Some weird shapes, the guy in the studio taught me!
Take care


Hi Olga I'm wondering did you thought to came and give the show in Poland. Here in Gdynia (Poland) we've got a Sex Pistols, GBH, Die Toten Hosen ... etc. and it will be great if such a legendary band as Toy Dolls will visit our country.

Yes! We did play there in 1995 and it was wicked! A brilliant place to play, I hope our management can get us back there at some point!

Hello Olga!?First I would like to congratulate you about the show done here in Sao Paulo - Brazil ...?I had never seen The Toy Dolls playing live ... congratulations on charisma and sympathy ... even managed to shoot his side!?Well, I have a band and wanted to play the song "Carol Dodds Is Pregnant," but I can not have found the bass tablature ... could send to my email? ?Thanks Olga, The Toy Dolls Thanks! ?Dougy Giro!

Hey! Dougy Giro! Thank you so much for coming to the show, unfortunately I don’t have the Carol Dodds bass tabs here, I am sure it must be on the internet somewhere, I will take a look.
Good luck!

ll be short on my message…wont take much time If u don’t come to Portugal next year..ill be very sad…lol Please come…just once…in the summer…nice warm weather…nice beer…cool people…~ Pedro Tiago

Perdro Hi We also will be very sad if we don't get back to Portugal ASAP! Apparently the usual promoters we use for Portugal have disappeared! Hopefully a new promotion team will appear soon!

Olga, thanks to aswered my question. I was the guy who talked with you in english - pretty bad english, okay, but we could talk - and you, Goober and Duncan signed my Dig That Groove Baby and my shirt.   Obviously I send to enframe those treasures to keep them 'til I get old. I would like to thank Goober to beign such a gentle guy and spend some minutes talking with me. Maybe he will remember me, I said that I'm a fan of Goober Patrol and Vanilla Pod, maybe I was the only guy in Porto Alegre, Brazil, which said it to him. hehehe. I like either Duncan thousand bands and projects. Well, there's no question in this mail and I'll not spend much more of your time. I just wanted to thank you, guys, to come here and beign so cool and gentle with me and public. Cheers from a huge fan of you! Best whishes, Renato Judz.

Renato Hello! Thank you very much for your kind words! It was great to eventually be back in Porto Alegre! I will pass this message on to Tommy & Duncan too. Cheers again for your nic email!
Thank you!

Hi Olga, i love The Toy Dolls , i grow up with toy dolls, i born in Brazil, but living here in USA a 6 months, i don't speaking english good, but i nneed see toy dolls live before i died........

Hi! I am sure you will see The Toy Dolls eventually! Shame you were not in Brazil 2 months ago!
Take care

Hey Olga, I´m Martin from Germany and I´m a huge fan since I found the record “A far out disc disc “ in my ten your old brothers collection. That was about maybe 17 or 18 years ago. First of all, I really want to thank you for all the great music you have provided. It´s always a huge pleasure to listen to your songs and attending your live gigs of course J I was just listening to the Fat Bob´s Feet Album, and when “ Back in 79 “ was up, I thought about the lyrics for the first time. What were your thoughts when you wrote the song? I mean, I´m 31 right now, almost all of my buddies are married and are having kids. Don´t want to be sentimental, but I think maybe you had the same thoughts back then when you wrote the song. Anyway, I really admire your great work throughout the years, you´re the best singer and songwriter ever. Keep up the excellent work and I am looking forward to seeing to in the next couple of years on a lot of gigs in Germany . Best regards Martin

Hi Martin Hey, thank YOU! My thoughts when writing “Back in 79” were of sadness really, maybe a bit selfish too. I have mates who are married with kids, and very happy, but also loads who are not content at all. I do miss loads of me mates, down the pub etc. Anyway, we will see you again in Germany!

Hi Olga! First of all, I really like your music and enjoyed the only show I've seen you play (Sweden - Augustibuller) very much! I recently found the Absurd Ditties Lp at a used records store. It's on Reciever Records 1993 (RRLP 172). Or so it says on the B-side. On the A-side it says it's the Sex Pistols - No Future Uk Lp 1989 (RRLP 117). What I'm wondering is this: have you heard of that before with this Lp? It is, in fact, Toy Dolls and not Sex pistols, who's playing. Cheers! /Arthur & Sweden

Arthur & Sweden hi! Thank you! I will never forget the Augustibuller festival, it was a great one! We had a nice time after the show also! Drinkin’ with The Anti Nowhere League! WOW, that's a strange one, Sex Pistols/The Toy Dolls! It may be worth something! I have never heard about it!

Hi Olga! How is the new album coming along? Are You producing it? Are You striving for a particular sound You liked in the past? (i.e Absurditties) Or are You trying to find a "new" Toy Dolls sound? Cheers Ola from Sweden

Hello Ola from Sweden! The new album is coming along fine thank you! Still in the writing process, so I am not sure about production or sound just yet! Absurditties has always been my favourite sound on a Toy Dolls album for sure!

Hi Olga, many years ago i heard some your song, that started as Madonna or Sandra, but i never find it on your lp´s. I have all. Can you tell me what song it was? Thank you Zdenek, Czech Republic.

Hi Zdenek! Yes, I guess you mean Material Girl by Madonna, it's the intro song on Bare Faced Cheek. I hope that helps!

Hello, Olga! It's Alex from Moscow again :) Pre-Scriptum: I started writing this letter more than a month ago, but mostly due to my laziness haven't finished on time, but decided not to change anything. Firstly I'd like to congratulate you with your past birthday! In our Russian Toy Dolls' fans community some guy asked to say "thank you" to you for your wonderful music, for the individuality and inimitability of your band. So I pass on his words and join him and wish you all the best! Secondly I want to thank you for your concert in Moscow. It was an awesome performance! Though I must admit that I didn't get such excitement as I had got from your concert 4 years ago in Apelsin, but it is merely because that that one was my first Toy Dolls concert and first impression is usually the strongest one. The only disappointment I had this time - why didn't you play Yul Brynner? It looks like a true Toy Dolls classic to me - the same as Glenda, Alex, Fisticuffs, Lambrusco kid, so it seemed strange that it wasn't included in the set list, which was perfect in every other way. And it was especially cool to meet you and Tommy and Duncan after the show, my friends and me satisfied all our autographs and photos needs, thank you sooooooo much!!! Also, you concert inspired me for some bunch of questions; I hope you don't mind answering them. Sorry if they repeat what have been already asked.

Hi Alex! Thank you! I will do my best to answer your questions below! Maybe we will play Yul Brynner next time around!

Which Toy Dolls' song (or may be several) represents your guitar style most thoroughly? I mean, for example, Glenda is an awesome song, but it has simple guitar line and solo is not very difficult, and I'm interested which songs show fully what you can do on the guitar?

I am essentially a rhythm guitar player really, I am not in to long guitar solos, I like short ones that complement the song, so I would choose Glenda as one of the songs actually! And Alecs Gone, though I do like the guitar solo (if you can call it a solo!) in Dougy Giro.

Do you go to concerts as an ordinary listener? If so, what kind of concerts do you attend and what are your most memorable concerts?

I hardly ever go out to be honest, if I do go out its down the pub for peace and quiet! I did see the Sex Pistols a while back, unbeleiveble, excellent. I also like go to the theatre and to see the ballet to be honest.

This is a kind of silly question but I can't help asking it :) Do you like Iron Maiden and did you see them live? It's just that Toy Dolls and Iron Maiden are my two most favorite bands, I wouldn't be able to pick one which I like best, so I'm simply curious.

I do like Maiden, though I have only seen video clips of their shows, looks very entertaining! Great stuff, and I really think they have got better, especially Bruce Dickinson!

Which bands do you think are similar to Toy Dolls not necessarily in music aspect but may be in positivity or inimitability? So I don't mean here bands that simply play punk. I think that Toy Dolls is a very unique group - with style, distinctive sound and perfect sense of humor etc., so may be in your opinion some other bands also represent that "essence" of Toy Dolls, but their music can be very different from yours. To my mind the band that is closest to Toy Dolls in that way is a German punk band called Die Arzte. Have you heard of them? They are very funny guys, play in many different styles and also have their uniqueness. I heard one of your interviews where you said that in England you mostly get to listen only British and American bands so may be you'll be interested to check them out. Here's a couple of youtube links just in case:

cheers! I will check out those links, and yes I ave heard of Die Arzte, though I am still waiting to hear them! Thank you!

Do you play the guitar simply for pleasure? And what non-Toy Dolls songs do you like to play if any? What songs did you play in order to learn the guitar when you were mastering the instrument?

I learnt to play listening to The Shadows and The Ventures and lots of instrumental bands. I always play the guitar for pleasure! But yeah, I know what you mean, and the answer is yes, every single day I am playing, all kinds o’ stuff, Status Quo, Dr Feelgood, Shadows etc…

Have you ever considered doing an acoustic set with Toy Dolls, something in MTV-unplugged style? Can we expect something like that in the future?

YES! I am indeed considering it!

That's it with the questions. Thanks in advance for the answers and good luck with the album recording! Can't wait to hear it! All the best and goodbye!


Hi Olga, I prefer Toy Dolls, from punk-rock style, it is No.1 for me. But long time don´t release any album. I´m waiting for new one. Will be soon? We will see in Slovakia, maybe. Sincerely your fan Dušan

Dušan Hi Thank you. Ha! Good point, we have been so busy doing festivals that the album kinda took a back seat, I am back to work on it now, writing everyday!! Hopefully finished soon!
Take care

here's a photo of my tattoo that i drew and did myself on my own left arm. i'm emailin it for your website.
it even says baby at the end of last block in a dig that groove baby font :)

Hey! Thank you, nice Tatoo, will pass it on to Ciaron to be included in the Tatoo gallery!
NOTE FROM CIARON - Thanks to everyone for sending in your pics, all the galleries will be getting an update very very soon :)

Dear Mr Olga long time fan. Really think you should do a cover of "wired for sound" by cliff richard for the new album. how frickin cool would a cover of this: just a thought ta, with love Mr Face

Mr Face Hi Thank you for that, a song by Sir Cliff, could be interesting! Will give it some thought!