February 2010

Hey Olga! How are you doing? I'm looking forward to the knew album :) 30 years of toys... wow amazing well get some knew toy dolls songs. However I was wondering why you guys aren't in facebook or are you? I knew you have a myspace acc... Oh and I saw you guys in Austria Dornbirn I was soooo glad to see you it was the best experience in my life. I saw Tommy while Demented Are Go where playing and right in that moment I told my friend. Hey isn't that Tommy Goober from the Toy Dolls? I was a little upset that we couldn't see you or Duncan before the begining but well i guess you had to relax or whatever. I was just wondering because I have got most of The Toy Dolls Cd's and DvD's if it is legal to upload them to youtube. Forward to see you in 2010. Yours Alex.

Hi there Alex I am doing just fine thank you for asking! I never really bothered with Facebook to be honest, got the Myspace site (link on the front page of The Toy Dolls official website), I may look into it though! Austria rocks! What a beautiful country. Sorry we didnt see ya at the show in Dornbirn. Not sure about the CDs n’ stuff, best to contact CAPTAIN OI! Or SECRET RECORDS. See ya.

Dear Olga,my name is Valter Miachon from Brazil.It is true that The Toy Dolls will play here in Brazil in 2010? Cheers

Hi Valter, Yes, our management are in discussions now about South American shows in Brazil and Argentinafor later in 2010, dates should be announced soon, cant wait!

Hi olga and the band. In May i will be one of the lot of photographers for the show in Switzerland. So, i've to ask you something very important. I bought a ticket for my brother to see you at this show, because it will be his birthday (15 years old.... oh NO !!).  He is a very big fan of The Toy Dolls (me too), and i need to give him a beautiful gift and i hope The Toy Dolls will accept to meet him this day,  before or after the show. It will be the best gift i can make to him ! Thanks a lot too for the show at Lyon the 1st of december in France ... 10 years i wished to see The Toy dolls, but you don't play "i've got asthma" and "we're mad".... anyway it was the best show i've ever seen. (sorry for my bad english ) Bye and merry Christmas Gwen from France :) !!

Gwen Hi Thank you! Great that you enjoyed Lyon! Sorry there was no “IVE GOT ASTHMA” that night! Cheers for coming anyway! It had been ages since we were in Lyon! We will be out to meet people after the show in Switzerland, no worries, be good to say happy birthday to yer brother! Take care

Hello Olgy,I have a question : My Boyfriend and I are very very big Fans and we are in 3 Months 2 Years together. So here my question : Can you send me a T-Shirt ( I would buy this ) with a Privat Sicnature? His Name is Michael and need a XL T-Shirt... You would make me sooooo happy and this are a big surprise for my Boyfriend.
I hope you understand my English, is not really good :-) ....   Please send me a Message..... In Love Sabrina
Hey Sabrina Congratulations for staying together for over 2 years! Unfortunately the merchandise doesn't come from here in London, its delivered from central Europe, if you do get one I will gladly sign it, no problem, Maybe easier at a show sometime? Cheers

Hi Everyone! I know that you don't have much time to reply emails, so I gonna write fast ;]
1. How many email per month do you get on AskOlga?
2. How do you play "She's A Worky Ticket" solo? I tried to play it but it is too fast :)
Can you show how to play this crazy solo on "Play With Olga" ? See You somewhere in East Europe ;] Chris

Hello Chris, Here are your answers…
Never really counted exactly, I know there are 100s about live shows, these don't actually make it to this section due to time, also any rude or personal ones don’t make it through either! Though I do read them ALL, then, after these maybe between 20-50 get posted up on this ASK OLGA section.
Shes a worky ticket, wow, that takes me back, that was recorded in 1980! I remember the solo not being so easy to play at high speed, I aint heard it for years, will try to dig it out to learn!
Cheers, hope to see ya in 2010.

Hi and happy new year everyone!! I noticed you and Paul Gilbert are "best myspace friends". And the Toy Dolls book by Ronan Fitzsimons mentionned a jam between Paul Gilbert and The Toy Dolls…  Could you tell us about that show, the circumstances, how did you met, when and where it was, and what did you play? Thank you in advance. Can't f**king wait for the new LP!!! Best regards Jeremie

Hi Jamie Yeah, Paul is a friend o’ mine, first met him in Tokyo a few years back when I was living there, he lived close by at that time, we used to meet up down the pub! Cant remember a Toy Dolls jam though, there was only me there at that time, did go to a few gigs together though, Paul used to get up and Jam, I was too scared! Cheers

Hi Olga, being an old bugger I have this distant memory of the Toy Dolls being the first band on the Tube ( TV prog). I know itwas fimed up yer way. Seem to remember you playing in the corridor as the cameras were going out to show the crowd coming in. Does my old mind play tricks on me, will i be one of Sir Terrys old gits sooner rather later, pleeze put me outta me misery! By the way great band, first heard you on Strength thru Oi lp many moons ago, fave track is probly James Bond lives down our street cheers Mick

Mick Hi Yeah that's right, I broke a guitar string and we really sucked! Wow, you are really going back, Strength thru Oi!, How old are you!? Cheers for yer support!

Hi Olga, travelled all the way from York to see you in Paris, just wanted to say it was of the best gigs i'v ever been to, cheers for making it a great show!! Also i was wondering if you could tell me who the support acts were at that gig? Especially the guys in pixie out fits and melon-style hats? Cheers James

James Hi Thank you so much for coming all that way! We really enjoyed Paris too, La Cigale is a great venue also! Oh, I am afraid I didn't see the support act/s that night unfortunately, any good? Cheers again

olga, hi , I'm Brandon..The first album/lp i ever bought was Dig that groove baby....when i was 12 or 13..cant remember.  my point is you guys have always helpped to put a smile on me face and ideas in me brain...youve always been at the top of my PUNK as **** list...real inspiration. so when you coming backto the not so good ole' usa..? need a roadie? i need a job...anyways Thanks!  and i really mean it..   Brandon Morgan

Hi Brandon Cheers for that! I am pleased we have been such an inspiration! Will let ya know if we need a roadie at any time! Take care

Hi Olga, Paris was fantastic!! I couldn't tell that you were losing your voice. My friends really enjoyed it as well and a lot of people I talked to thought so too. Sorry we couldn't see you after the gig but we got your autographs which we have added to the photos. Thank you very much for a great time, definitely worth the journey. Until next time ;D Pascale

Pascale hi Thank you! We loved Paris! You couldn't tell I was losing my voice! Really!? Guess I must just always sound rough! Hey, thank YOU for a great time, it was a lovely end to a fantastic tour in France/Switzerland. Hope to see you next time around. Take care

Hy, guys. First of all I'm a huge fan, and have all of your albums and my band worshipes you. I was just wondering if you'd be so kind and send me some of the tabs and chords of your songs preferebly  >Alec's gone< and >Jimmy Saville< and if you have the time anything else from >Absurd ditties<. Thanks in advance.

Hi! Thank you for that, and good luck with the band. Unfortunately we don’t have tabs handy, but I am sure they will be out there on the internet! I am gonna have a look.. Cheers

I only just heard of Toy Dolls and your amazing. Its a shame i haven't heard of you before. The music is amazing, them guitar riffs pure gold: your music should be in the charts Because this is meant to be a question i best ask one;
Are you going to do anything else (Album, tour or single)? Paul Hutchinson

Paul Hi Cheers! Nice words, thank you! Not sure about the music being in the charts, but thank you! I am busy writing another album now, for release later this year, tour dates are being added all the time also, hope to see ya somewhere! Take care

Hello could we do an interview for music portal from montenegro? Cheers!

Hello, yeah sure, just send your interview questions to Ciaron, our website webmaster.

it's not that burning but yet it can be very cool if you guys will preform in Israel, you have alot of crowd here waiting for you. nofx were here for 3 shows about two years ago, it was explosive, some follow them around and the shows were FULL! there are alot of punks that would love to see you show here. peace! Best regards, Amos Vatury

Amos Hi Yeah, I have had some nice mail from Israel, a place we really wanna get to eventually, hope it happens! I am sure the NOFX shows were wild! Cheers

Hello! I am from Russia; we all here were delighted to see the date of the 2010 Moscow concert at the website last year. But now the show date has gone from the site! Does it mean that the concert has been cancelled? Or you just forgot to update your site? We are getting very anxious and unhappy here in Russia because of that sad fact, so if you don't want to make us invade Europe one more time, please be so kind to put the concert date back to the site.
Thank you, and hope to see you soon. Sincerely yours, Victor, a Toy Dolls fan. 

Victor Hi Russian dates are being planned for around September time, they were originally gonna be in the spring, but due to various reasons they have been rescheduled to September, don’t worry, the confirmed dates will be announced soon, and we will get there! Really looking forward to it! Take care