October 2009

Hi Olga, i'm ralley curious about your influences to create the toy dolls band. See you in Brazil someday  

Hi to you in Brazil! Oh, the list is tooooo long to mention! Loads of influences, Chuck Berry, Dr Feelgood, Eddie and the Hot Rods, Loadsa punk bands, girlfriends, love, Gossip, soap operas. Theres more listed on my Myspace site. We will be in Brazil next year! Take care.

Hello Olga! It's Christopher from Poland again, How are you? How it's going writing new album? I can't wait for loads of amazing new solos and riffs I was supposed to remind you about  "The coppers copt Ken's cash" solo to get  in "guitar lessons" Fat Bobs feet album it's my first I've heard 17 years ago, it's really crazy thing!
Traditionally I've got some questions for you if ya can answer:  
1.What guitar you used on "On stage in Stuttgart"
2.You said you prefer high string action,what's it height for strings: E1 and E6 over 12th fret in telecaster?
3.Do you adjust tone potentiometer in guitar?
4.What do you use amp to vocal microphone?
5.Do you double lead guitar parts in recording studio, how many it's recurs?
6.What's it max signal level of seymour duncan pickup at bridge in yellow tele or what it's impedance of electric coil if you know?
7.When you change strings before every show, how do you solve problem with falling tune? It's characteristic of new strings
Thank you very much! Good luck, see ya in Poland at the beer!!!-

Hi Christopher, I have put an update up on the Olga Talkin section! Check it out! Oh yeah, The coppers solo! Still have to work on that one, please keep checking! Ok, I will do me best to answer your questions!
1. The guitar on ON STAGE IN STUTTGART is my usual Yellow Telecaster!
2. Not sure what the actual measurement is! Though I can get me hand underneath on the 12th fret!
3. No, the tone knob is always set to halfway, good question!
4. I guess you mean effects? None, though I do use a tube screamer for song endings, for feedback, occasionally.
5. In recording I use a les Paul and the Telecaster, left and right for stereo on Rhythm guitar tracks, 1 of each. As for solos, just one guitar is used.
6. Oh my God! Something I have no idea about, sorry!
7. Another good question! our backline technician, Matzi, sits for hours before shows, stretching the strings! Not her favourite part of the job! Look forward to the beer! Cheers

hey olga, great to hear you're about to play france again, looking forward to seeing you in toulouse. you will no doubt love the brand new bikini, it is far better than the previous one. it may not be as cool as the original tiny one, but the sound is definitely gorgeous, and the athmosphere is great too  :)) mleu x

Mieu Hi! Thank you! We are really happy to be coming back to France, cant wait! Yes, very interested in seeing the new Bikini club! See ya in Toulouse!

Hey Olga Has there ever been a book written about the Toy Dolls? It would be kinda cool to read up on the history of the band etc. If there is one, do you know where I can get hold of a copy? Thanks Johnny, California, USA

Johnny hi Yes, there is an official biography called "The Toy Dolls - From Fulwell to Fukuoka", written by Ronan Fitzsimons. You can order it online direct from the publisher at www.ardrapress.co.uk/store.php.
Take care

Hello! I'm an 18 years old boy from southern france.here's random questions i'd like you to answer if you have time: which uni did you go to and what did you study there? How would you tell a girl you love her? what would your job be if not musician? were you good at school? What's the best programme if you want to spend a day in london and have lots of fun? thank you

Hello! Ha, I didn't go to University! I left school when I was 14! Mmm, a love question eh! Have to think about that one! Estate Agent for sure, if I wasnt a musician. Not so good at school, I hated it to be honest! A day in London, visit all the pubs in Soho! then take the boat trip from Little Venice, then all the pubs in Camden! I am quite partial to a stroll through Regents Park also! Theres a good pub just outside it! Hope to see you on the French tour!

Hi ! Maxime from France ! I was so happy to see you at Au Pont du Rock, that was a great moment, and so big pogos ! And now what happen ? A tour in my land for the end of the year ! I will try to see you again, but this time, hope I will be able to meet you and have an autograph or take a photo with you (maybe). Last time, they did not let me see artists after stage...
Now some questions :
-Who make your sunglasses ? I want some !
-Aren't you complexed when you strip yourself with Tommy Goober at each stage ? He's really more muscular than you !  
Thanks for continue your great music, you stay in my favourite bands, and sorry for my english !

Maxime Hi Merci! We loved the time at Au Pont Du Rock. We always come out after the shows, so certainly we will meet you, photos/autographs no problem on the French tour! I pick up glasses from around the world, and many fans have given me some really nice pairs! Tommy Goober, Muscular!? Not the description I would use! but yes, I envy his physique! See ya in France!

Good day to you Sir, firstly,ive just found out that you wrote "She Goes To Finos" in Hillview community centre in 1977, & that the actual title never came about until 1979, a whole 2 years later. Ive just received my Australian release of Nellie,to go with my 82/84 Uk releases,French,Germany & Japan editions. Also i have just managed to get my hands on a copy of the original "tommy Kowey`s Car" single. Only a $104.00 . What a bargain.   
Ok,here`s a few questions for yu,if your ready Sir....  
#1...if you could be any character in any film,you would be who & why
#2...if you could of teamed up with Mr J Strummer,what song would you have liked to do.
#3...the Hoodoo Gurus are my fav import band,who is yours,as if i couldn`t guess.
#4...where did Tommy buy those light blue shades from.
#5...what actually inspired you to write "Come Back Jacky",was it in the news,on the telly,in the papers,please tell.
#6...everyone has a fav Abba song,do you.  
Many many thanks for 30YRS of sheer brilliance. All the very best to you Sir. Cheers Olgacrackcorn

And Good day to you too Mark! I don’t even have a Tommy Koweys car single meself!
Any male actor starring as Michelle Pfeiffers boyfriend!, ha why!?
Anything from Give Em Enough Rope!
Probably Germany, hes there most of his spare time!
Jacky RIP was an old sailor we knew.
Yeah, Take a chance on me, brill!

hiya mate,i looked for the lambrusco kid video on the website,it`s not on,if u have some spare time would you put it on mate? that is my favorite song u know,also i really don`t understand the words in the intro..... thanks for your time mate cheers:lajos

Hi Lajos, which Lambrusco video do you mean? I am sure there are a few on You Tube!
Good luck

Hi olga! i'm erik from treviso (Italy)....i've just seen that in your myspace there's paul gilbert in your top 8 friends...it's incredible!! how did you know him?

Hi Erik, Yeah, Pauls my mate, lovely guy, not a bad guitarist either!

Hello my Lord, here we go,straight in with 5 of the best....  
#1....will the OFFICIAL TD`S forum/chat board make a return to the www
#2....who gets the very final say on when an album is released,even if your not happy with it
#3....when can we expect to see a return of "learn with Tommy"
#4....if you could have one final gig,who would support you,& where would it be
#5....as your nearly 21 now,where do you see yourself in twenty years time
Cheers Olgacrackcorn

Olga Crackcorn again Hi!
mmm, not sure, it kinda got outta hand last time, what do you reckon?
We have the final say, and its only when we are happy!
Good question! I miss those vids, hopefully soon, I do know he has plans to do more.
Another Good question! I guess it would have to be up in the north of UK where we began, in Sunderland, probably with Red Alert supporting.
Ha, probably sitting here writing these Ask Olga answers! Not sure really, though it would be nice to be involved with music in some capacity.
Take care

Hi, Olga I wanted to wish you a happy birthday on 21.sept. :-) Am also looking forward to your new album, and hope to see you in Oslo, Norway soon. All the best, Ellen.

Thank you so much Ellen, hope to see you in 2010 in Oslo!

pleace pleace pleace come and play in norway. i`m your biggest fan.yes you are the king of music. from a 14 year old boy from trondheim in norway.

Hey! We will be back in Norway 2010! Hope to see you there! Cheers

Hey Olga just thought id show you some "cloth posters" i did but have not finished yet . Also i have a question. I was just wonderin if you are a LAUGHIN NOSE fan? theyre pretty fun to listen to just like yall guys. I hope you post this on the site because i lost contact of ALICE from moscow....and im sure she checks on your website for the updates like i do..cuz we are big toy dolls fans :D
HYPERLINK "http://uk.mc860.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=captainoi87@aol.com"captainoi87@aol.com let me know how youre doin Alice..... you too OLGA & Co. :D

Hi! Cheers! I remember seeing Laughing Nose on the telly in Tokyo about 1986, amazing! Never got to see them live though. I hope Alice gets in touch with you! Good luck

Hi Olga My 5 year-old Aiden will listen to nothing else in the car but Toy Dolls, especially Poor Davey and Firey Jack.  You must keep touring for a few years, he's still a bit small to take to a concert quite yet! Cheers for years of fun. Gaz

Gaz Hi Poor you being forced to listen to The Toy Dolls by little Aiden! Hope we are still around when he can attend a show! Cheers

Howdy!  Im an american Texan who's dream guitar is a tele. like yours, the 70's model. I first heard it on your album, and i fell in love. i love the sound. and i want one so bad. but i have a ball and chain and and we're getting married. so i can't afford it, and probably won't for a really long time...:( do you have a spear tele to give you don't use anymore? i want one so bad. And i've worked for so long, but know my money's gotta go to the one i love. It would make me so happy if you could give me one. -fan since a baby Brandon Dean Floyd p.s. it could be a wedding present :)

Hey! Congratulations!? Ha! No spare Teles at the moment unfortunately! Glad ya like the sound though! Good luck with the wedding/marriage!

Dear Olga, I was wondering if youre ever goin to call up maybe....Dean Robson....and lets say Marty..... to do some gigs with you? They were my faves. Im  sure they would love to do a gig or two. Juan

Hi Juan That's an interesting idea!, maybe sometime in the future, if they haven’t forgot the songs! Its been 10 years since Marty did a Toy Dolls gig and 21 years since Dean played!!

Hi Olga.  
I'm travelling down to Paris from Yorkshire for the December 6th gig with my 2 teenage kids who were too young to see the UK tour in 2007.  Costing me a fortune, but I know it'll be worth it!  I  know you don't do requests, but you'll make my weekend if  "Alfie from the Bronx" comes up - brilliant track. Anyway;  I've never seen anyone ask where the "Toy Dolls" name came from please Olga? Cheers and see you at La Cigale Ian

Ian Hi Great that you are making it to Paris! Nice one, I know of quite a few people going from UK, we are quite excited about it! Sorry its costing you so much! Our first singer, Pete, actually thought of the name The Toy Dolls! See ya in Paris! Hope your kids enjoy it!

Hi Olga!! I'm a big fan and I've been downloading your guitar lessons, they are great;) But I have a problem, the Wakey, Wakey lesson seems to stop at 3rd minute and not go any further, is it just my computer or is it someting wrong with the file. I didn't know where to ask this question so I'm asking it here.

Adrian hi Thank you! I am hoping our webmaster Ciaron, can answer this one! (Already on the case - Ciaron)

Olga I'm a huge fan of the toy dolls. I first started listening to your music when my cousin gave me an old battered "one more megabyte" t-shirt. I fell in love with your music. And I can't believe I missed your show when you were in slovenia. I was out of the country and I actually missed your show. You HAVE to come back at least once. The beer's on me when you do ;) And to ask a question while I'm at it. Could you put a whole lesson of alec's gone on your video section? I know how to play the solo but I can't make out the chord progression by myself :P

Thank you! We had a really nice time in Slovenia, sorry you missed it! We really wanna get back to do a club show and play our full set, oh, and drink that free beer! I will check on the Alecs Gone lesson! You will crack it eventually! Cheers