November 2009

Hi, it`s Ellen from Norway again! I am so looking forward to your new album (in March, right?), and to your concerts in Norway, just can`t wait!  A non-musical question for you:  Do you ever have time to read, and if so, what is you favorite book? Thanks for 30 years of fun Toy Dolls music :-) You guys are truly the best! Hugs, Ellen

Hi Ellen from Norway! Nice to hear from you, the new album will be recorded around March, not released! That will be a few months after its recorded. Yes, we will be back in Norway, really looking forward to it! See you there!

Hi, I need a favor. I would like an autographed photo, with best wishes for Christmas, my boyfriend (his name is Mattia). I know it is very early for such a request, but I hope we can meet, and eventually getting the mail. I truly hope for a positive response.  While waiting I offer my most cordial greetings. selene

Hi Selene, If you can get to one of the two Swiss shows later this month, we will gladly give you autographs! Hope you can make it?

Hello, Olga! How are you? It's Alex from Moscow again, I wrote to you some year and a half ago, it was a huge letter, and I was so glad that you gave a detailed answer, thank you very very much!!! If I'm not mistaken you had your birthday on the 21st of September and as it is said "better late than never" so here are my congratulations: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, now I have another bunch of questions, and I hope you'll answer them too! So, here they are:

Thank you for the birthday wishes Alex!
I will do me best to answer your questions, see below.

1) What do you think about illegal downloading of music from the Internet? I know many musicians are completely against it, they say it's something like stealing and in some ways I agree with them, but from the other side it gives a lot of opportunities for the music's promotion, so it cuts both ways. What's your opinion? Do The Toy Dolls suffer somehow from it? And what do you think could and probably should be done with it?

1. Oh, a difficult one, it is actually theft! Though regarding The Toy Dolls, we are primarily a live band, record sales are secondary, so it makes little difference to us to be honest, and can act as promotion. Though it is stealing as you say!

2) Mmmm... A little bit difficult question to formulate... There are such guys as Bach, Mozart, List, Schubert, Vivaldi and so on, many other classical composers. And, well, their music is the Art. Do you think your music is the Art too? Can you put your music in one row with Bach and Hachaturian, whom you have covered?

2. Yes I guess so! If I understand your question correctly!

3) In the process of working upon a song, when do you understand that song is good and complete? What makes you understand that? Do you play your songs to somebody else before they are ready to know their opinion and to decide whether it is good or not?

3. Good question, many times I have thought that a song is complete, then taken a bath, listened to it again, then scrapped it! When you are working on an album you are so involved that you cant really tell if the song is good or bad sometimes! Rarely I let people hear the songs, I think I should do more to be honest. Most of the time its hard to tell if the songs are any good until the album is actually recorded! Occasionally I do know when a song is acceptable, after writing a few tracks, ie Barry The Roofer, Alecs Gone, and Fisticuffs in Frederick St. Many other times I just don't know!

4) What's your attitude towards drugs? Have you ever tried?

4. Many people I know take some kinda drugs, I have no problem with it, though I have no desire to try any myself,
I do like a beer though!

5) Could you name some of your favorite movies and actors, please?

5. I like Nicholas Cage, Anthony Hopkins and Hugh Grant, Michael Douglas, Helen Mirren, Sanrda Bullock, and loads of UK Soap Opera actors!
Movies, in no particular order:

6) This is not a question but a suggestion: why don't you make a FAQ section on the website? You see, so many people continue asking you the same questions about your guitar, your gear, favorite albums, tours etc. And Ask Olga section is so huge now that it is difficult to find anything there. So it seems to me that FAQ section would be a very good thing.

6. mmm, not so sure, maybe a good idea, cheers for that, will think on it!

Well, that's all I wanted to ask you this time, if I have more questions I'll write again :)
I wish you good luck and great shows in the future, can't wait to listen to The Toy Dolls' next album, I'm sure it'll be a BOMB and also I hope you'll come in Russia after it is released! Goodbye!!!

We will be in Russia in 2010, looking forward!!

Hi Olga, hope all is well with you,& nice site updates by the way. Firstly,have you found that real nice piece of TD`S memorabillia for me yet.(i still await your email to say you`ve something i can have) : ] Cant wait for the new album.I know i keep saying it,but cheers again for Birmingham.Over two years ago now.  
The main reason im mailing is to say C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ON 30YRS OF TD`s. You have given me the utmost pleasure in those years listening,collecting,finally seeing & best of all,the meet & greet. Thanks go to all past & present TD`S for the parts they`ve played in making it all happen,but most of all Olga,& i cant put it into words,so i`ll finish with congratulations & THANKYOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. Cheers Olgacrackcorn

Hey Mark Crack Corn! Nice to hear from you! Cheers! Birmingham was a blast, I really enjoyed it, glad you did too! Aye, 30 years, thank you, still cant believe it! THANK YOU! Think I may have a drinkpoos to celebrate, oh, I forgot I am in training for the French tour, no beer till Paris, boo! Cheers again Mark

Hello mate, I was doing some work in a pub in Boldon about 3 or 4yr ago ( The black Horse) and the bloke who owned it said he used to be in the band!! He was called Peter ( cannit remember his second name ). I thought he was full of sh*t cos I really didn't recognise him!!! He couldn't prove it but was kept telling me he was!!! Was he full of it??? Or was he really in the band??? Put it this way he didn't look like Pete Zulu but it might of been him!! Cheers Tompa ( from Whitley bay )

Tompa, cheers for yer message. It may have been Pete Zulu! I know he owns a pub in Boldon. He was in the band for a very short time, if that was him!? Hey, this was getting on for 30 years ago, he may have aged somewhat! Greetings to Whitely Bay!

Hi Olga, Just wanted to wish a lot of fun in france, so happy to see U again (in Caen).. I will stay a great fan of the toy dolls for all during my life. Many many thanks for all the songs, shows and fun you have already done us, and for all you are going to do in the future! (if u need a nice place to stay after your concert in Caen, my house is open to your band..) TOY DOLLZ FOREVER Guillaume Charlot

Guillaume Charlot Bonjour! Thank you! I will remember your invite! Really, really looking forward to France! Come up and say hello after the show, we will be out to meet people. Cant wait

Hi Olga. I have two questions: why not covering "'Cross the Breeze" from Sonic Youth? How has the most success with girls, you or Tommy Goober?

Cheers will check it out! Tommy who? Oh, he’s only the bass player, isn’t it obvious who gets the girls!? Ha!

Hi Olga I have been slowly working my way through all the excellent guitar lessons on the website. I have been struggling with the guitar for 35 years ( I'm 49 now, ... no, honestly!) and think this is the best and most direct way of learning. Especially coming straight from the master himself. How about doing 'Up The Garden Path', I think the words to this song are great!! Bob the Goldfish

Bob the Goldfish hi What a great name! Cheers for that, its fun making them but I hope the lessons do actually help! Up the garden path eh? Good idea, next year! Take care

Ohhh my ******* god.... Sure you will be here in Brazil in 2010? Ahhhh that's a very good new... Do you know what city to play? Please think about Curitiba "Psychobilly" City! hAHAHA you don't know my hapinness!!! C ya

YES! Brazil 2010! Cant wait! Curitiba, a strong possibility!

Hello Olga, Lifelong fan from England, proudest moment has been my 9 year old son getting into your music recently :) He thinks your amazing. Any chance of any of your tunes getting on spotify ? Dont know the politics of it all but would be ace to see your back catalogue on there. Take care and looking forward to seeing you when you tour in England again, hey, the engine shed in Lincoln is a good venue :) Thanks Ad Dane

Ad Dane Hi Wow, an English fan! Nice to hear from you! Will check out that Spotify thing! Hope to see ya in the UK, and cheers for your mail, hi to the 9 year old!

hello can you tell me when the dolls are coming back too SUNDERLAND when they began? we want  too see here them thanks Alan

Hi Alan! Good to hear from a bloke from Sunderland! Not sure when the next UK dates are just yet, will keep ya posted. Say hello to everyone up there!

OLGA!!! hey its Davey Rellik from the states.... your tone rips!! I played in a touring band around in the 80S, i want your sound!!!  is that a JCM 800 your using?? I read no effects cept a tube that for distortion saturation?? No compression??? whats the pedal you click on stage??? You ****** rip!! cant wait to see you live

Davey Hi And thank you! I do use a JCM 800, 2203 model. The only pedal I use is on live shows(Tube screamer), usually just for the feedback at the end of songs, other than that's its just the guitar and amp. Cheers again

Dear friend Olga, my name is Guilherme churrumino i look forward to meeting you in Brazil in 2010 to celebrate the amazing band Toy Dolls anniversary!!!!!

hello Guilherme churrumino! Thank you! We are also looking forward to the 30th Anniversary shows, and being in Brazil!!! Gonna be great!