May 2009

Good evening , Olga !  I 'm looking for this cd , can you help  me ? Where can i buy it ? Read you soon! Christophe 

Good evening Christophe! You sould try Captain Oi, they have most stuff. Let me know how you get on, good luck

Hi Olga, My name is Andrey, I am writing you from Siberia (Tomsk). Nice to hear that you are working on a new album. I believe it will be as great as previous ones, or even better. I would like to ask about a song "My girlfriend dad is a vicar". Is this tune completely yours or you borrowed some well-known melody? I am asking it because I have heard the same melody in the Business's song "Southgate (Euro 96)" from "Hardcore Hooligan" album - they are chanting the same tune with different lyrics in the end of the song. That's why I decided that it may be a reference to some popular English melody. If so, which one is it? Also, after I mentioned the new album, I got another question - any plans to include some old song into it, like you did with "Yul Brinner is a Skinhead"? Best regards, Andrey

Andrey hi Hi to Siberia! Thank you! Ha, good question, part of the tune is from a really old hymn called Lord of the Dance! Well spotted! Not sure about the album just yet, gonna wait till its all written then take a look at it! Cheers

Hey Olga, How are you and hope you and your mates are doing fine.  First of all, we’re (my wife and both little girls) are very big fan of the Toy Dolls and wondering when are you coming to Los Angeles . Both of my little girls want to see the Toy Dolls play, ever since I mentioned that I saw you at Hollywood and in Las Vegas and how fun it is at your show. Now they want to experience it and they’re asking a request from you when you come to Los Angeles . Their request is – Can you play Spider in the Dressing Room and who is Dougt? They noticed that you like to mention Dougy and wondering who is he.  Well I don’t want to waste any more of your time. TTFN Thanks, Armando Cuevas

Armando Hey When we get back there I am sure we will play Spiders and Dougy for ya! Dougy was a guy we knew 30 years ago, broke, no home, yet the happiest guy we have ever met! Cheers

Cheers Olga!  I've been a fan for over 20 years, but never had the chance to see you in concert.  Very sad indeed!  My 16 year old daughter is a fan too.  Your music truly transcends generation barriers!  Please jump across the pond and come to Los Angeles.  You can stay at my pad if you like. Nathan

Hi Nathan Thank you! Cheers for the offer! We will get back eventually! Miss it loads!

Hi!!!! I know I souldn't be asking this, but I just need to know!!! What about Portugal? Are you olanning coming to one of our festivals? There's a LOT of people waitting here for you!!!!

Portugal rocks, we played there a few years back in Porto and Lisbon, rockin! We will get back!

Hi there, i'm Franky from Portugal, fan of yours since the 90's and i've seen you once at Hard Club Oporto, 4 years ago, and just loved it!!! Everyone junmping and pushing around!!!! TOY DOLLS RULE!!! ".....Without doubt the highlight of the band at all times is the vocalist and guitarist Olga, who has finished with the concept of "punk does not know to play more than three chords." He is considered one of the greatest guitarists of all time and introduced new and suitable features for punk rock and the rock world. To have disks of Toy Dolls in clubs is a basic requirement for the true lovers of good old rock 'n' roll since the band is what's best in English punk rock." Translated from YOUR'S wikipedia definition. Congratulations!!!!! And know the question - What's your's favorite album(Toy Dolls)?
And your favorite band? Read about your history and tell me now, how does the guitarrist turns out to be the singer too? Regards from Portugal to you, expecting you for new show on my country. Franky 

Franky Hi Thank you for that! I remember the Hard Club! A great night we had! Favourite Toy Dolls album is Absurd Ditties. Favourite band, oh, too many choose from, maybe Sweet or Slade or SLF. My bad luck to turn out to be the singer! We will be back, thank you!

Hey Olga! I'm so happy and I can't wait for your new album. And I must say that I never forget the day when my uncle gave me your CDs. Yeah, he's great... Now my only dream is meet your band on Woodstock Fest in Poland but I know you've got a lot of gigs in other counries. But I don't give up! Germany is quite near,so... Ok, go back to writing and don't forget about the breaks for some beer....I mean juice ;) Greetings from Natty (Poland)

Natty Hey! Thank you! I really hope we can get back to Poland soon, its been about 14 years since we were there! Hope to see you there or in Germany! Take care

Hi Olga, I was one of the unfortunate children who sang badly on the track Turtle Crazy recorded in Wallsend back in 1990. Is my complimentary Turtle Green Vinyl single worth anything? cheers (in jest) Bongo

Ha! Bongo, hi Don't be so hard on yerself! Of course your Green Vinyl is worth something! 25p! Greetings to Wallsend!

Hi Olga! My name is Stefan Uebelhart (pigao), and I'm from Brazil. My band has a surprise for you! Listen! What do you think?

Great stuff Stefan! See you in Brazil next time around!

Hello Everybody! ;] I'm Chris from Poland, I have 4 questions:
#1 I heared that You (Olga) start a band when You have 17 years old, how long did You practise play on guitar until you start a band? I play 4 months on guitar and I can play Wakey Wakey Intro, Theme Tune from "Dig That Groove Baby" album, Dougy Giro and almost complete Toccata very well. Do You think is this good? ;]
#2 What was your first guitar?
#3 What You think about The Clash and Joe Strummer?
#4 Did Toy Dolls ever played gig with The Clash or Ramones? I think your the best gitarist in the world (seriously!), and The Toy Dolls are one of my 6 favourite bands (Ramones, The Clash, Toy Dolls, Angelic Upstarts, The Boys and The Undertones). Best wishes, ciao :) (Sorry for eventually mistakes in translation :] )

Chris Hello I will do me best to answer yer questions!
1. I started a band within about 3 months of learning guitar, I think its important to play together with other musicians as soon as you can.
That sounds amazing that you can play those tunes already, well done!
2. First guitar was an Audition 6 string electric, from a store called Woolworths in Sunderland, north east UK.
3. Both the Clash and Strummer are Gods.
4. No, unfortunately, we are too young! Ha!
Thank you, Upstarts Rule, and the Boys and the Undertones are fabulous!
Take care

Hello again Olga, It's Sean again and I have one question for you.  In Me and John Williams, do you play both electric and acoustic guitar or is some else playing acoustic for you.  If you do both, how do you do it because its insane.  Sean

Hi Sean Yes I did both electric and acoustics parts on the recording, hard work! Cheers

Hey dude, what’s up!? My name is ridwan, am from Indonesia (you know where is it? Hehehe...) Sorry about my question, mostly people only know Bali then Indonesia .. btw you know bali? Hahaha.. Hey man, I really love Toy Dolls so much.. specially the song.. That’s the crazy, nut, and unpredictable music that I’ve ever heard J Finally, when will you come to Indonesia ..? fyi, there’s most Indonesian punker wait for toy dolls to come.. and the exploited ever came also... so please don’t let us down olga.. say hi to toy dolls members

Hi Ridwan Nice to hear from Indonesia. Thank you! We will get to your country, somewhere we have wanted to visit for a long time! Soon I hope!

Areet olga, ever plan on playing a home town show?

Hey! Aye, sometime, but difficult to choose, I mean I lived in Sunderland for years, but born in South Shields!

Olga, I am a electrician from Texas. I was looking on You Tube one night and came across your version of dueling banjos. I was impressed to the point of further researching the Toy Dolls. I think that it showed the Toy Dolls true talent even out of their element. My question is, what made you decide to play a song like this and how long did it take you to learn it?

Cheers Electrician! Thank you! That song/tune was chosen just coz I didn't have enough songs written for the album! Took a while to learn play, still didn't learn it correctly! Take care

Hey i listend to your tunes for me way back like 1990's im only 18 now aha i know uve been going for time but u did a gig here in leicester and said it was your last tour? so i dunno if u doing another one but come back to leicester u guys r sik the guitar is always mint they say its punk but compared to blink-182 there early stuff punk like is no way similar but both awsome just to say u guys are top and come back to Leicester

Thank you! Not sure about more UK shows at the moment, but we may be back after the next album is written. Hope to see ya there. Cheers again

Hey Olga! I know there aren’t any plans for a US tour anytime soon, but I want you to know, you guys are at the top of the “bands I must see live before I die” list (if that serves as any motivation for ya). Anyway, my pals and I always play this game where we try to create the dream band, with musicians past and present, and was wonder what your “dream band” would be? I’ll have you know that you always make the cut for my super group. Although in my group you have to share guitar-playing duties with a zombie version of Johnny Thunders… Diggin’ that groove – Frank Aggro, from Chicago.

Frank Hey Cheers for that, we had a great time last time in Chicago. Good choice of Johnny on Guitar! Bruce Foxton on Bass, first drummer from Status Quo and and Feargal Sharkey singin!

Hi, Olga Just wondering how that new album is coming along? Can`t wait!! Also hope to see you in Norway again real soon :-) Big hugs, Ellen

Cheers for asking, its coming along fine thank you, should have some news on it soon. It will be released in 2010, not sure what month just yet. And, hope to see you too back in Norway!

Happy 30th year of the band. Hope for 30 more :) Cheers!

Oh my God, yes, it will soon be 30 years! !!

Hi Olga!!! My name is Lciana and i´m from Sao Paulo - Brazil and my english it´s terrible!! i´m sorry!! Do you hate Brazil?? We love Toy Dolls!!! We need Toy Dolls!!! Please come to brazil and play the real best music of the world for us!!! Please aswer me!!
I hope you understand this letter!! But i´m desperated!! Come to Brazil!! My brother Pedro take a picture with you when you guys play in Sao Paulo!! Hes very lucky!!!! Thank you!!

Hi there Lciana. Yes we hate Brazil! Ha! Joke, we love it there! We will be back! Keep up the good English! Cheers

Yo ! I want to see you in festival of Pont du rock at malestroit, can you sing "nellie the elephant" Thank you very much. Sorry for my bad English

Merci! We are looking forward to being back in that part of France, its been a while! See ya there

Hi ! It's Maxime again from France ! I'm so happy to see that you will be in my land the 24 July ! I will be there for sure ! I'm waiting, thank's for continue your music, and see you soon !

Hi Maxime Yeah, we are happy too, cant wait! Thank you See you on 24th July!

Hi Olga...  I've seen that Toy Dolls are gonna have a concert in Slovenia!!! I Still can't believe... :D The best thing i've read this year on internet!!! Can't wait 11.7. to see you LIVE in our beautifull small country. Contact me on this email if you plan to visit more than just the town where you'll be performing and I can send you links and pics of many things too see in Slovenia. Have fun and I wish you a lot of inspiration for your new album (I can't wait to have it on my CD shelf with your other albums ;) ) Jan from Slovenia

Jan Hi Yes, Slovenia, finally! We have heard that your country is very beautiful! Cheers for your offer, I hope we have time! Take care

Hi you genius! I really love you! When i was a teen ( you know what it means ) toy dolls save my life. I was a verry complicated girld. Im 30 now, every thing is fine! I will never forget you! Came to argentina please! I always go to see you!  Do it for me! Tell me aboute your family! And sorry for mi english. APPEY.

Appey Hi A Genius, wow, thank you! Hope to see you next time in Argentina! Cheers for writing My family? 2 Fender Telecasters! Take care